Fender Junior

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About Fender Junior

The Fender Junior series of amps, including the Fender Blues Junior and Fender Pro Junior ranges, are some of the most beloved small combo amps available and deliver true all-valve powered Fender tone in a compact, portable and affordable format. Their small footprint, lower power rating at 15 watts and more compact speaker size make them perfect for achieving classic cranked Fender tone in even smaller venues and practice situations. Meanwhile, the modified preamp circuitry give you a versatile features and powerful tone shaping for such a simple setup, with the classic Fender style smooth highs and laidback midrange. Throw in the iconic Fender spring reverb improved aesthetics over other small combos and you've got an unbeatable series of amps!

Why Should I Choose Fender Junior?

  • All-valve circuitry
  • Iconic warm tube driven Fender sound
  • Compact and portable
  • Highly affordable

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Junior

Question: What is the Fender Junior series?
The Fender Junior series represents a step forward in Fender's amp history, delivering iconic all-valve Fender amp tones in a small-footprint, portable and affordable format. This put iconic Fender sound and cranked all-valve tone within the reach of the everyday, small venue guitarist.
Question: Why is the Fender Blues Junior so popular?
The Fender Blues Junior has proven so popular because it delivers that classic warm Fender tube tone we all know and love at more reasonable volumes, in a portable and affordable format. This means any guitarist playing venues of any size can get achieve that iconic, all-valve Fender sound.
Question: Is the Fender Pro Junior worth it?
Absolutely, yes! The Fender Pro Junior's all valve circuitry delivers that iconic tube tone at volumes that can suit any size gig, and even home practice and in the studio, all at a fantastic price for an all-tube driven amp!