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Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amp

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Vini Explores the Mustang Micro

At A Glance:

The Fender Mustang Micro takes the simple, humble headphone guitar amp and steps things up a gear! Gone are the days of low quality tone designed to let you hear yourself in a busy room and no more; The Mustang Micro lets you plug in with a host of amp models and effects, adjustable EQ and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for streaming along your favourite tracks to jam along to!

Mustang Micro Controls

High Quality Tones

No more basic boost circuit to make your headphones work with no true quality sounds. The Mustang Micro lets you choose from 12 amp models from Fender's Mustang GTX, as well as 12 different effects chains and an adjustable EQ for true amp sounds. It also sports a rotatable jack plug to ensure compatibility with almost any guitar or bass out there!

Mustang Micro Bluetooth Control

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Mustang Micro features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which is perfect for Bluetooth audio streaming, so you can stream your favourite tracks from your compatible device to jam along to - No extra cables required!

Mustang Micro USB

USB Recording & Charging

Connect the Mustang Micro using USB-C into a Mac or PC and you'll be able to record those incredible tones directly into your favourite software! Not only that, the USB also lets you keep the Mustang Micro fully up to date and keeps the rechargeable lithium-ion battery charged, providing up to 4 hours of playback time!


  • 12 Mustang GTX amp models
  • 12 different effects chains
  • Adjustable EQ
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility for jamming along to your favourite tracks
  • Rechargeable battery with 4 hours of playtime
  • Recording capability when connected to Mac or PC

Manufacturer's ID: 2311300000


Color Black
Amplifier Type Digital
Connectivity Bluetooth and USB
Effects 12 Amp Models
  12 Effect Models (Reverb, Modulation, Delay, Combination), EQ
Headphone Jack 1/8" Stereo
Controls Amp, EQ, Effects, Modify, Master Volume
Inputs One - Built-In 1/4” Plug
Battery Life 4 hours (High Volume), Up to 6 hours (low volume)
Dimensions 2.13x6.25x6.25 IN

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.9/5 (57 reviews)

michael h. - 21/2/2023

Brilliant bit of kit And at good price

Paul W. - 12/10/2022

It works well, could do with a clearer manual in the box and explanation of sounds.

Mike W. - 9/10/2022

Alistair N. - 28/9/2022

Matthew E. - 24/5/2022

Tamara H. - 20/3/2022

Tom R. - 9/3/2022

Andrew M. - 1/3/2022

Brilliant for practice - amazing tones and ability to link up to backing tracks by Bluetooth is great.

Chris W. - 1/3/2022

Steven C. - 21/2/2022

Sinead P. - 18/2/2022

Bought after seeing it on Dylan Talks Tone YT site. Just as described, the best on the market and a good price through GG.

Christopher C. - 17/2/2022

William R. - 14/2/2022

This little gem lets you play anywhere without disturbing other’s. Sounds great with lots of sound / voices options

William L. - 8/2/2022

Great little amp with loads of Great features

Steven C. - 4/2/2022

One of the best purchases Ive eve made as guitarist. This little thing offers so much. I am still suprised how good it is. I was hesitating this and between Boss Waza air, but the tonal quality and effects exceeded my expectation, so I didnt regret that. For 90 pounds you cant go wrong with this tiny future gadget. I wish Ive had this when Ive started to play guitar 20 years ago.

Balazs P. - 29/1/2022

Love it so many sounds and options and just gets you playing stuff

Simon H. - 4/1/2022

Excellent product, well made and full of superior sounds. Ideal practice tool through headphones and a great interface for recording. Superb bit of kit.

Ainsley W. - 30/12/2021

Kevin Q. - 2/12/2021

I would recommend this product to all guitarist. It’s has an amazing variety of sounds which inspire you to play and also it’s portability also makes picking up the guitar more easy and you will do it more often. So pleased!

James B. - 26/11/2021

Great fun, sounds fantastic through my headphones.

Paul W. - 18/11/2021

I bought the Fender Mustang Micro. It is fantastic, matching everything I had read in the reviews I checked. I have two cheaper equivalents which I do not use at because they have such poor quality sound. They were both a complete waste of money. This is money well spent. The sound quallity will blow you away.

stephen k. - 25/10/2021

Great tone on all settings. Sounds really nice through monitor speakers.. Better than bias fx on some settings

Steven B. - 22/10/2021

Awesome little piece of kit. Versatile and way better than my AC30 Amplug. Clear sound and easy to use.

Tim F. - 14/10/2021

Still exploring and so far pretty impressive.

Robin D. - 13/10/2021

Really pleased with my Fender mustang micro. Just been on a touring holiday and great to get out and play wherever, without disturbing others. Good volume with headphones as previous types of amplifier have been lacking. Range of amps and effects a great bonus when away from main amplifier

John A. - 9/10/2021

Ray W. - 8/10/2021

Amp works well through headphones with different settings defined - not so well through my Roland Cube speaker amp where some settings seem to get lost.

Donald C. - 7/10/2021

It has let me carry on playin eletric guitar without havin world war3 with my neibour ?

Johnny M. - 5/10/2021

Good price and quick delivery

JOHN C. - 4/10/2021

Checked this item out on multiple web sites and was impressed with it. As a newby to the world of guitar playing .i find it a very useful tool for the beginer

Colin S. - 3/10/2021

Excellent sound & design & a very useful tool for any guitarist

violet p. - 2/10/2021

The mustang micro is fun to use, it has a variety of sounds and works well for practsing without disturbing anyone.

Gillian R. - 1/10/2021

Brilliant. Now I can practice without sparingly dog!

David J. - 30/9/2021

Good piece of kit for such a compact size

Mike B. - 29/9/2021

Amazing little bit of kit!

Kevin D. - 28/9/2021

Hugh W. - 22/9/2021

This is a real game changer. Headphone amps have historically been scratchy or tinny with few features. The tone of the Mustang Micro is incredible across all of the amp and effect settings. I've spent far too long sitting playing unplugged in the living room, partly due to keeping the noise down with a young child in bed and partly due to the inconvenience of setting up and moving about even a small practice amp. I thought the Blackstar Fly was the answer and in fairness it was and is definitely a great product in itself. This beats it easily though for the quality and range of sounds, portability (it can fit inside a case with a guitar no trouble) and convenience. You can quite easily suspend your disbelief and imagine you're cranking the guitar through a decent size rig without the obvious compromises you get in tone with a small practice amp. The features are all easy to scroll through and unlike some modelling amps there is a nice happy medium between having plenty to choose from without option paralysis.

Alex J. - 22/9/2021

i've not had alot of time to play around with it yet but so far, i'm loving this. such a lot of features in a tiny piece of gear. sounds great. if only i could play better!

darryl u. - 20/9/2021

Received an e-mail offer for the item at a good price. well worth the money. The micro amp is just what I didn't know I needed, I have a Fender Mustang 3 v2 which is a bit big and cumbersome if you just want to practice in a small space without others being put out. The Fender Mustang Micro is just brilliant, plug n play for me with a lot of the options that are on my Mustang 3. Easy to follow set up and instructions and within 5 mins of opening the box I was off playing. If I hadn't received the e-mail I wouldn't have known about this product. Based on my experience I would recommend this product it's great.

Jason B. - 20/9/2021

Superb, brilliant, amazing, fantastic. What more can I say. Fender have pulled it out of the bag with this amp. Versatile and loud, all a guitarist needs for those moments when quietness is needed in your surroundings. 10/10

Steve G. - 19/9/2021

no issues works fine great sound

Kevin M. - 18/9/2021

John F. - 17/9/2021

good quilty got lots of features for playing with headphones on

eleftherios p. - 16/9/2021

This is a fantastic purchase, I was surprised by how good it W, had other manufacturers, but this certainly delivers

Elizabeth W. - 15/9/2021

A perfect little unit, the sound is great,easy to use with a good selection of amps & tones.

Roger T. - 14/9/2021

Elizabeth . - 14/9/2021

The item was as was expected.

Ian R. - 14/9/2021

adrian p. - 14/9/2021

See earlier comments for details

Les P. - 14/9/2021

Andrew H. - 14/9/2021

My husband had wanted this for a while, but it has been out of stock. He's extremely pleased with it

Annette J. - 13/9/2021

Steven N. - 13/9/2021

Great headphone amp! Sounds good!

Gary D. - 29/3/2021

Great little unit for home practice with headphones. Good sound quality and the battery life is considerably better and the portability better than the Vox Amplug and Line6 POD pocket that it replaces, although the latter has more features.

Dale B. - 27/3/2021

The micro is superb sounds great and I love the features Amazing bit of kit

Jonathan H. - 27/3/2021

Great service enjoy the demo s fast delivery

Nigel L. - 27/3/2021

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