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About Fender Mustang Amps

Fender Mustang amps bring the greatest Fender tones from 60 years of classic guitar amps and recreate them for guitarists in the digital age. Fender Mustang amps are the ultimate practice tools with lots of connectivity for jamming and recording. The Mustang GT40 is one of our best selling amplifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Mustang Amps

Question: Can I get classic Fender tones from a Mustang GT?
Definitely! Lots of vintage and classic Fender tones have been painstakingly modeled and included within the Mustang GT's presets. With the benefit of digital technology you can switch from a clean, bell-like Fender tone to a snarling, ultra-distorted 'British' stack tone in the blink of an eye.
Question: What does the iPad app do?
This connects wirelessly with Fender's Digital 'ecosystem' on your mobile device and you can do a number of things: download artist preset tones to your amp, upload and share your own with other Mustang GT users, stream music wirelessly through the amp's speakers and tweak your tones from across the room via the Fender Tone app. This extra feature opens up endless possibilities greatly and is heaps of fun!
Question: Are these Mustang GT amplifiers suitable for gigging?
We don't see why not! If you are planning on gigging, we recommend going for one of the larger models such as the Mustang GT100 or 200 in order to give you a comfortable level of oomph! Solid state amplifiers tend to be quieter than valve amps - a 50w valve combo is several times louder than a 50w solid state combo, for instance - so 'going big' will enable you to easily compete with other backline and acoustic drums etc. Make sure you get hold of the dedicated footswitch too! This will prove invaluable in a gig situation.
Question: What is a modelling amp?
A modelling amp uses what is essentially a computer CPU instead of traditional circuit boards and so on. This allows you to access range of 'modeled' sounds, that is, samples that have been made of real amps and placed into the CPU as 'channels' on the amp. Modelling amps tend to have a large number of preset amp models and accompanying effects which allow you lots of creative freedom when dialing up sounds. They don't physically 'make' the sounds in the way that, say, a valve combo would. However they do offer versatility that a valve combo may be lacking. Modelling amps also do not rely on volume as a factor in the making of great sounds since they are samples. You can enjoy 'cranked' sounds at very low volumes.