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About Fender Bass Amps / Fender Rumble

Fender Bass Amps have a long history of being high quality models purpose designed for bass players, and the Fender Rumble series is no exception. Fender Rumble Bass Amps are available in a range of sizes and power ratings, from the Rumble 15 practice amp, perfect for bedroom practice, right up the Rumble Stage 800, bumping out 800 watts of groove and thump from its paired 10" speakers.

Fender first brought bass amps to the market all the way back in 1952, right at the very inception of the bass guitar itself, to deliver tailor-made power that reflected the tonal nuances of this brand new style of instrument. The Rumble series continues that pedigree, delivering fantastic sounds at a fantastic price.

Why Should I Choose a Fender Bass Amp / Fender Rumble?

  • Excellent sounds and tone-shaping capabilities
  • Available in a range of power ratings and sizes to suit any stage
  • Continues Fender's long and lauded history of bass amp production

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Bass Amps / Fender Rumble

Question: Does Fender make good bass amps?
Yes! Fender have a long pedigree in making bass amps, all the way back to 1952 and the inception of the electric bass itself!
Question: What different ranges of Fender bass amps are there?
Fender have two ranges of bass amp - the Rumble series and the Bassman Pro series. The Rumble series is solid state and comes in a large variety of combos and heads with matching cabs. The Bassman Pro series are tube amps with retro styling and come in a range of heads and cabs only.
Question: How good is Fender Rumble?
Fender Rumble amps are excellent, delivering quality tones in a range of power ratings and sizes at fantastic prices across the board.
Question: What is a good choice for an all purpose, affordable gigging bass combo?
We think a sound choice would be the Fender Rumble 500 combo. It has 500w of power with 3 voices (Vintage, Contour and Bright) with a switchable overdrive circuit and EQ controls. There are two 10" Eminence speakers along with a Compression horn to sort out the high end, making this a bass amp that can accompany you on any stage!
Question: What kind of amp is a Fender Rumble?
Most amps in the Fender Rumble series are solid state bass amps, with a few bass modelling amps in the run too!
Question: Where is Fender Rumble made?
Fender Rumble amps are built at Fender's partner factories in Indonesia.