Fender Modelling Bass Amps

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About Fender Modelling Bass Amps

Fender Modelling Bass Amps bring bass players a host of tonal options all in one compact and performance ready package. From the bedroom-practice friendly Rumble LT25 to the 800w concert-ready beast that is the Rumble Stage 800, there's a Fender Modelling Bass Amp for every player no matter the gig. Mellow jazz and old-school R&B tones, super deep dub sounds, or aggressive metal and hardcore punk tones, you'll find them all in a Fender Modelling Bass Amp.

Why Should I Choose a Fender Modelling Bass Amp?

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Modelling Bass Amps

Question: What is a Fender modelling bass amp?
A Fender modelling bass amp is a Fender bass amp, already a fantastic starting point, equipped with Fender's modelling software to deliver you an accurate recreation of a host of famous bass amp and cabinet styles, as well as a host of customisable inbuilt effects.
Question: Do Fender modelling bass amps sound good?
Yes they do! Fender already have a long history of building quality amps specifically with the electric bass in mind, all the way to 1952 in fact. Added to this, the superb modelling software gives you a stunning recreation of a whole host of other amps and effects, making a Fender modelling bass amp your one-stop go-to for almost any gig.