Fender Mustang GT

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About Fender Mustang GT

The Fender Mustang GT series is the next generation of Mustang amplifiers. These are modelling amps designed to give the player an excellent selection of vintage and modern amp tones in a home-friendly package along with a drizzling of high quality effects. All in all, you get an entire 'produced' electric guitar experience in one handy unit with some really intuitive controls. The sounds available are extremely impressive and cover not only famous Fender amplifier sounds but classics from other brands too.

It goes beyond that, though. The Fender Mustang GT range offers a fantastic level of connectivity. Since these are digital amps, you can connect your phone or device to them via bluetooth and stream music, change settings and generally control the amp remotely. There is an onboard looper and a USB output for connecting to your computer and recording your guitar using the fantastic Mustang GT amp models. This is a truly flexible amp for the modern guitarist.

Why Should I Choose Fender Mustang GT?

  • State-Of-The-Art Digital Technology
  • Options for Home or Stage Use
  • Great Features and Connectivity

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Mustang GT

Question: Do I need a special footswitch for the Fender Mustang GT amps?
Yes, you do. The Fender MGT-4 footswitch really opens up the possibilities and fun of these feature-heavy amps. This applies to the 40 and 100 models only as the pedal is included with the 200 model.
Question: Which wattage are the different Mustang GT models?
The power of each Fender Mustang GT model is relative to its name. The GT40 is 40w, the GT100 is 100w and the GT200 is an extremely powerful 200w.
Question: Are the Mustang GT range valve amps?
No, the Mustang GT range use modelling technology to imitate a large range of famous valve amps. This allows you to enjoy a wide selection of high quality sounds with the reliability of solid state technology.