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About Headphone Amps

Headphone Amps are just as the name suggests: amplifiers for your headphones! However, they come in two distinct camps. There's headphone guitar amps which amplify your guitar sound for practicing quietly using headphones, and there's amps which amplify any audio signal going to your headphones for the best possible sound.

Headphone guitar amps are perfect for discreet practice at home, on the tour bus or pre-gig at the venue. One tiny device packed with excellent tones and effects ensures you don't have to sacrifice the quality of your guitar sound in the name of convenience. The quality tones also ensure you stay enthused about your practicing, making it so much more enjoyable to just keep playing. Headphone guitar amplifiers can come as units that plug directly into your guitar's output jack like the Fender Mustang Micro, or desktop headphone amps like the legendary Rockman Ace.

Studio style headphone amps are designed to take any audio signal and amplify it before passing to your headphones, resulting in maximum audio quality and letting you really get the very most out of your particular headphones. They can also be used to power and split the signal to multiple pairs of headphones at once. This makes headphone amps highly useful for studio mixing and monitoring situations.

Why Should I Choose Headphone Amps?

  • Perfect for private practice
  • Modern headphone amps sport fantastic tones and effects
  • Perfect for accurate sound reproduction in compact headphone format
  • Studio headphone amps ensure great sound quality for perfect monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions about Headphone Amps

Question: Are headphone amps worth it?
Yes they are! Headphone Amps like the Fender Mustang Micro and NUX Mighty Plug Pro offer fantastic tones and effects in a compact package at a great price that makes discreet practice enjoyable!
Question: Do I need a headphone amp?
"Need" is highly objective, but headphone amps packed with great tones and effects let you practice discreetly without sacrificing on good tone.
Question: Do headphone amplifiers work?
Yes they do! Headphone Amplifiers provide discreet practice options while still providing fantastic tones that keep you enthused to play!
Question: Why do headphone amps sound different?
Headphone amps sound different to full size amps because they aren't pushing air in the room like a full size speaker will, so you don't hear that natural room ambience to the sound.
Question: Does an amplifier improve headphone sound quality?
Yes! Studio style headphone amplifiers boost the level of audio signal going to your headphones, allowing your headphones to respond to the signal better without needing the volume cranked to the max! This allows for more accurate and comfortable tracking and monitoring in studio scenarios.