Fender Champion

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About Fender Champion

The Fender Champion range is a fantastic series of affordable digital modelling amps from Fender. Although these are modern amps under the hood, they have plenty of vintage vibes.

Of course, clean Fender tones are recreated in the Fender Champion with all their trademark twang and sparkle! As well as these, there are several other amp sounds from the US and UK and distortion tones geared for even the heaviest players. There’s also an array of effects including reverb, delay and chorus.

It is usually tempting to say that digital amps are only suited for home practice. But the Fender Champion 100 - with its two 12” speakers and powerful 100w power amp - is definitely worthy of stages and practice rooms. This is one of the most affordable amps that could genuinely do the job of lifting you over a loud band!

The Fender Champion features an output for headphones for silent practice and an input for music. Apart from the Fender Champion 20, all Fender Champion amps have two channels that can be controlled by a footswitch.

What Makes the Fender Champion Different?

  • Cool old-school aesthetic
  • Convincing recreations of classic amp sounds
  • Suitable for home practice or the stage
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Champion

    Question: Is the Fender Champion a tube amp?
    The Fender Champion is not a tube amp. Instead it uses digital modelling to reproduce tube amp tones. The benefits of not having valves are they are much lighter, much quieter and are able to incorporate multiple tones and effects.
    Question: Can the fender champion take pedals?
    Yes! The Fender Champion plays well with pedals. Although there are many effects built into the Fender Champion, you don’t have to use them! If you prefer to use pedals, simply choose a clean tone on the Champion like the ‘Blackface’ setting.
    Question: Can I play my acoustic through a fender champion?
    The Fender Champion does not have a dedicated acoustic setting. Instead there are a range of acoustic amps Fender make specifically for this purpose. Having said that, plugging an acoustic into a Fender Champion will still make a noise! It might be a slightly strange noise but it's always fun to experiment.