Fender Champion

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About Fender Champion

The Fender Champion range of digital modelling amps offers classic Fender amps tone at an affordable price, with a host of great features. From 40 Watts, to 50 Watts, to even 100 Watts the Fender Champion has more than enough power to practice with or even gig with, but make no mistake with its handy headphone jack it can be just as quiet as you need it. The Fender Champion range features great amp voices which capture those classic Fender tones with all their trademark twang and sparkle. With a range of built in effects including reverb, delay, echo, chorus, tremolo and vibrato you should be covered for all tones! While this makes a great first practice amp it is packed with features to see you through many years. Whether you're looking for a practice amp or affordable stage gear the Fender Champion is a great choice.

What Makes the Fender Champion Different?

  • Classic Fender tones
  • Affordable
  • Cool old-school aesthetic
  • Convincing recreations of classic amp sounds
  • Suitable for home practice or the stage
  • Built-in effects

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Champion

Question: Is the Fender Champ a good amp?
Yes! It offers classic Fender tones with the reliability and affordability of solid state technology.
Question: Is Fender Champion 100 loud enough to gig with?
Yes a Fender Champion 100 should be loud enough to gig with especially when mic'd up!
Question: Is the Fender Champion a tube amp?
The Fender Champion is not a tube amp. Instead it uses digital modelling to reproduce tube amp tones. The benefits of not having valves are they are much lighter, much quieter and are able to incorporate multiple tones and effects.
Question: Can the Fender Champion take pedals?
Yes! The Fender Champion plays well with pedals. Although there are many effects built into the Fender Champion, you don’t have to use them! If you prefer to use pedals, simply choose a clean tone on the Champion like the ‘Blackface’ setting.
Question: Can I play my acoustic through a Fender Champion?
The Fender Champion does not have a dedicated acoustic setting. Instead there are a range of acoustic amps Fender make specifically for this purpose. Having said that, plugging an acoustic into a Fender Champion will still make a noise! It might be a slightly strange noise but it's always fun to experiment.
Question: Is Fender Champion a valve amp?
The Fender Champion is a solid state amp.