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About Fender Tone Master

The Fender Tone Master is a canny hybrid of vintage vibe and modern technology. A modelling amp and amp modeller for players who want ultimate versatility, with the tone of a classic valve amp.

Under the hood, the Fender Tone Master is a digital amp powered by a mammoth quad core processor. On the front panel, however, you would never guess as they are identical to their valve equivalents. This makes dialling in your sound a breeze because, well, you’ve done it a thousand times before on a Fender amp!

The introduction of the Tone Master Pro Guitar Amp Modeller and Multi Effects Processor Pedal demonstrates that this series of products has something to suit every style of guitarist. With over 100 Tone Master quality amp & effect models, it is an excellent solution for touring musicians and those after a high quality sound in the studio. When paired with the one of the Tone Master FR full range, flat response powered speaker guitar cabinets, it becomes a portable rig with plenty of power for when you need maximum volume.

The true nature of the Tone Master is only revealed on the back panel. This boasts a power attenuator for home practice, a DI with impulse responses, and a mute switch for silent recording. Another dead giveaway that this is not the valve amp it is masquerading as is how incredibly light the Fender Tone Master is. Using a lightweight resonant solid pine for the cabinets and custom-designed Jensen's speakers with neodymium magnets for their loudspeaker. This build quality is sturdy but also offers a huge advantage when it comes to weight. The Tone Master versions almost half's the weight of the valve models, making it great for gigging with, as they can be easily carried, set up and transported from venue to venue. You don’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to lift a Fender Twin above your head!

The Tone Master has many modern features which can be found around the back of the amp. The rear panel has useful controls and connections such as a Line Output with Level control, ground lift switch and a three-way IR cabinet simulation switch to select various microphone options. A USB port for firmware updates to tweak sounds. And even a 6-way power attenuator, allowing the guitar player to reach great sounding Fender tones and crunch at lower levels, from 22 watts on the Deluxe, all the way down to 0.2 watts. Perfect for home practice.

The Fender Tone Master Pro has been added to this line up. A digital multi-effects processor pedal featuring over 100 of the world's most popular amps and effects. Over 6000 Fender-captured Impulse Responses with a variety of cabinet and microphone options. Excellent options for a guitarist who requires many different sounds for playing live or in the studio but all contained in one portable pedal. Making the Fender Tone Master Pro a great addition to the growing innovating Tone Master series.

Why Choose a Fender Tone Master?

  • Modelling amp and amp modeller provides ultimate versatility
  • Vintage Fender Amp look and style
  • Lightweight design and construction
  • Powerful quad core processor for realistic tones
  • Powerful digital processor
  • Great Fender sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Tone Master

Question: What is a Fender Tone Master?
A Fender Tone Master is a digital modeller or modelling amp that feature many modern controls but have been built to emulate the sound of well known Fender tube amps.
Question: What is the new Fender Tone Master series?
The new Fender Tone Master series contains the very impressive Tone Master Pro Guitar Amp Modeller and Multi Effects Processor Pedal along with two FR full range, flat response powered speaker guitar cabinets. This provides the ultimate gigging solution for all styles of music.
Question: Are Fender Tone Master amp modellers any good?
Yes! The Fender Tone Master amp modeller has been designed to give guitarists a comprehensive solution for the stage and studio environment, as well as enhancing creativity. Packed with incredible amp models and effects, you can create any tone you desire thanks to its impressive design and easy to use interface.
Question: What are the features in the Fender Tone Master amp modellers?
Over 100 Tone Master high quality amp and effect models can be easily navigated thanks to the 7" Color Touch-screen. Also included are over 6000 Fender-captured Impulse Responses with a variety of cabinet and microphone options plus very helpful Song & Setlist modes are some of the many features that make the Fender Tone Master amp modeller one of the best around.
Question: Are Fender Tone Master amps good for home use?
Fender Tone Master amps are ideal for home use. This is because they have a power attenuator which enables you to reduce the power output to 0.2 watts, meaning you can shred at a whisper!
Question: Are fender tone master amps good for recording?
Fender Tone Master amps are perfect for recording. They sound great in the room so traditional recording techniques using microphones get great results. The Tone Master also has a DI out which has the option to use impulse responses of classic microphones - the Shure 57 and Royer 121 - which enables high quality direct recording. The Tone Master is also set up for silent recording because it has a mute switch which disables the speaker but not the DI.
Question: Where are Fender Tone Master amps made?
Fender Tone Master amps are made in Mexico.
Question: How much does the Fender Tone Master weigh?
The Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb weighs 10.4kg and the Twin weighs 15kg. This is about half the weight of their valve equivalents!
Question: Does the Fender Tone Master take pedals well?
Yes, the Fender Tone Master takes pedals very well as they have crisp clean channels with plenty of headroom. This along with good tone provides for a great foundation to add pedals onto.
Question: How many watts is Fender Tone Master?
The Fender Tone Master amps have various models to choose from that range from 85-watt power output on the Twin Reverb, 45 watt on the Super Reverb, 22 Watt on the Deluxe to 12 Watt on the Princeton.