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About Guitar Amp Cabinets

Guitar amp cabinets take the sounds generated by an amp head and unleash them at your audience via specialized speakers. Speaker cabinets for electric guitars come in a variety of sizes and combinations. The most recognizable is probably the '412' or '4x12' which consists of two rows of two 12" speakers. Used with an amp head, this is what is known as a 'half stack', with a full stack being a head and two 412 cabs.

There are other types of cab, however. 212 cabs (two 12" speakers) are a very popular and practical choice for gigging players. Single 12" cabinets are now more popular than ever, mainly due to the proliferation of tiny 'lunchbox' guitar heads. These set ups make it easy and space efficient to enjoy great valve tone in your home.

Whatever your needs are, cabinet-wise, we have your back. Guitarguitar is one of the largest musical instrument retailers in the UK and we have a vast and comprehensive selection of cabinets available in all shapes and sizes. We keep the major brands such as Marshall, Orange and Mesa/Boogie but we also specialize in boutique amps and cabs, offering cabs from Suhr, PRS, Friedman and Victory Amps. Come to guitarguitar for your next guitar cab, where you'll have the best choice and the best service available anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Amp Cabinets

These terms refer to the construction of the cabinet itself. A closed back cabinet is like a sealed up box whereas an open back cabinet has an opening in the rear. This visually lets you see the speakers and gives you easy access to them. Sonically, they sound and respond differently. Closed back cabs are thought of as having more chunk and thump whereas open back cabs sound larger but not as dense. These are relative terms and one person's perception of tone is very different to another person's. We encourage you to try both in order to find your preference.
No. This is because speaker cabinets do not possess any volume of their own. They are able to handle a certain power level and they put out sound in decibels but it is really the head that determines the level of power going into the cab. A more efficient cabinet will sound louder with the same head and the same settings than a less efficient cabinet. Other factors such as whether the cabinet has an open or closed back also change the actual and perceived volume.
You can use a speaker cabinet with any amp that features a 'speaker out' or 'ext. speaker' output jack. In these cases, you should be able to use any speaker cab that matches the ohmage of the amp. Just match the numbers and you'll be fine.