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About Orange Cabs

Orange cabs are celebrated among musicians for their sound and build quality. They are available for both guitars and bass in a number of sizes. These generally carry the company's famous bright orange tolex covering.

Orange cabinets are known for their often tan-coloured basket weave speaker grille and their chunky 'picture frame' cabinet housing. These are heavy duty and great for touring.

As a major UK Orange dealer, we have a fantastic selection of cabinets available for both guitar and bass. Browse our entire selection online or visit one of our stores to check them out in person!

Frequently Asked Questions about Orange Cabs

Question: What materials do Orange make their cabinets from?
Orange use a range of materials for their cabinet building, depending on the model. For instance, their popular PPC412 cab is made from 18mm Birch Ply, while their PPC212 V cab is made with lightweight plywood.
Question: What type of speakers do Orange use in their cabinets?
Orange actually produce their own Voice of the World speakers for some of their cabinets. Otherwise, they use Celestion Neo Creamback speakers in cabinets such as the Orange PPC212V and Celestion Vintage 30 speakers in cabs such as the PPC412.