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About Orange Amps

Founded in London in 1968, Orange Amps are known for their unique thick sound and distinctive Orange tolex. They are equally popular among guitar and bass players.

Orange Amps are hugely versatile and their range covers many styles. The most iconic Orange sound, however, is chewy, wooly and heavily overdriven. Particularly popular with hard rock and metal players, their list of artists includes Slipknot’s Jim Root, Mastodon’s Brent Hinds and Sleep’s Matt Pike. There’s no guitar tone as bone shaking as a fuzz pedal into a dimed Orange Amp. This absolutely monstrous sound threatens to tear holes between dimensions let alone cut through a mix - use responsibly!

The bestsellers among the current Orange Amps range are the Terror series, the Rockerverb Combos and Crush Series. Orange are also known for their substantial, well built cabinets which are an industry favourite regardless of the amp used.

What makes Orange Amps different?

  • Thick, chewy sound
  • Perfect for hard rock and metal
  • Iconic aesthetic
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Orange Amps

    Question: Which famous artists use Orange amps?
    Here are just a few of the big-hitters who prefer Orange: Jimmy Page, Brent Hinds (Mastodon), Orianthi, Billy Gibbons, Brian 'Head' Welch and many more!
    Question: What is the most popular Orange amp overall?
    It is the extremely portable and affordable Orange Crush Mini! After this, our bestselling Orange amps are the Micro Dark amp head, followed by the Micro Terror head and then the Rocker 15 Terror head.