Orange Valve Amps

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About Orange Valve Amps

Orange Valve amps have been the choice for many professional players since the company's inception in the 1960's. Both striking in appearance and sound, an Orange valve amp can turn from lush cleans to raunchy rock tones and can even be pushed further. In recent years there has been a wide increase in diversity for the Orange amps line to provide a model for everyone. From classic Orange tones to their own spin on modern tones Orange amps can do it all, and with the introduction of the "Terror" line of amps your valve amp can be rugged, compact, and extremly affordable.

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Why Should I Choose an Orange Valve Amp?

  • Iconic styling
  • Well built
  • Versatile enough for a variety of genres
  • Affordable Valve tone

Frequently Asked Questions about Orange Valve Amps

Question: Are Orange valve amps any good?
Yes! Orange Valve amps are not only great quality but provide some of the most sought after tones in the amp world.
Question: Are Orange valve amps good for beginners?
Yes, with affordable valve options you can have great valve tone without breaking the bank while you learn.
Question: Is the Orange Crush a valve amp?
No, the Orange Crush is a solid state amp.