Orange Terror Amps

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About Orange Terror Amps

Orange Terror amps are a phenomenally popular range of what we call lunchbox amps. They are very small, square and have a large carrying handle on top...just like a lunchbox!

Orange have a wide range of 'Terror' amps available for guitar and bass. Models range from vintage in tone to decidedly 'metal'. Terror amps typically have a power output of 15 watts but there are exceptions such as the 500w Terror bass head.

As a main UK Orange dealer, we keep plentiful stock of their entire range of Terror amps. Visit your nearest guitarguitar store to try one out or simply buy directly from the site here!

Why Should I Choose an Orange Terror Amp?

  • Authentic Orange tones
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available in a range of wattages

Frequently Asked Questions about Orange Terror Amps

Question: Are Orange Terror amp heads valve or solid state?
It actually depends which model you buy! The smallest Terrors, the Orange Micro Terror, is solid-state, whilst the likes of the DT30 Dual Terror and the Dark Terror are valve.
Question: Which signature Terror heads are available?
Orange currently have two signature Terror heads: one for Slipknot's Jim Root and the other for Mastodon's Brent Hinds.