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About Orange Crush

Orange Crush amps are a series of solid state practice amps by celebrated British brand Orange. Crush amps range from the Crush Mini to the Crush 35T. These amps are all completely analogue so there is no digital modelling involved at all. Features increase as the models within the range increase in size.

Orange Crush amps are designed to be the ultimate practice amps, giving you real Orange tones at reasonable volumes. The headphone output has a speaker cabinet simulation built in for a more satisfying headphone tone.

Some models in the Orange Crush range include channel switching and even effects loop for plugging processors in.

Come and try out these excellent Orange Crush amps at your nearest branch of guitarguitar or browse the full collection here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Orange Crush

Question: How many amps are in the Orange Crush series altogether?
Leaving aside the Crush Pro range which is a different proposition, there are 7 amp models in the Crush range for guitar and bass: Crush Mini, Crush 12, Crush 20, Crush 20RT, Crush 35RT, Crush Bass 25 and Crush Bass 50. These amps are often available in limited edition colours such as white and black in addition to the customary orange.
Question: Can I use these Orange Crush amps when recording onto my laptop?
Absolutely! You can mic the amp up in the traditional way, with the mic going into your audio interface. However, Orange has given these amps another trick up their sleeves: Cab Sim. Simply use the headphone out jack to plug into your interface and bypass the need for a mic altogether. The Cab Sim technology simulates a 4x12 Orange speaker cabinet, giving your 'direct' tone all the power and character of the biggest Orange guitar half stacks.
Question: Does the Orange Crush Mini run on batteries or mains power?
Both! The Orange Crush Mini can run on either a 9v battery or a regular 9v mains adapter.
Question: What is the difference between the Orange Crush 20 and the Orange Crush 20 RT?
Both of these amps are the same in terms of size and sound. The 20RT model includes a Reverb and a Tuner.
Question: What is the difference between the Orange Crush series and the Orange Crush Pro series?
The Orange Crush series amps are designed to be excellent practice and rehearsal amps. The Crush Pro (otherwise known as CR) amps are intended for gigging and touring. They are much louder and are made with higher quality components in order to make them tougher and more road-reliable.