Orange Crush

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About Orange Crush

The Orange Crush line of amplifiers was introduced in the year 2000 and has gone from strength to strength, continuing to be a staple of the Orange Amps line up. The Crush line was designed to give players a more accessible amp that still carried Orange's core values; distinct sounds, reliability, and value for money. Still providing powerful practice amps which feature multiple channels and effects, the Orange Crush range also features gig-ready options for guitarists and bassists.

Why Should I Choose Orange Crush?

  • Dependable Orange quality
  • Classic Orange tone
  • Unmistakably stylish looks

Frequently Asked Questions about Orange Crush

Question: How many amps are in the Orange Crush series?
With different varieties including Combos and Heads, there are about 8 different Crush guitar amplifiers, and 3 different Crush bass amplifiers. There are multiple Orange Crush Cabinets for bass and guitar.
Question: Where are Orange Crush amps made?
Orange Crush Amps are made in China to a consistent high-quality.
Question: What Orange Crush amp is right for me?
Depending on your use, something as simple as the Orange Crush Mini could be perfect or equally the Orange CR60C 60 Watt Combo might be more your style. If you're looking to practice at home or play gigs the Orange Crush delivers classic Orange tone, at an affordable price.
Question: What is the difference between the Orange Crush 20 and the Orange Crush 20 RT?
Both of these amps are the same in terms of size and sound. The 20RT model includes a Reverb and a Tuner.