Line 6 Guitar Amp Cabinets

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About Line 6 Cabinets

Line 6 Cabinets are an ideal option for fans of amp modelling, amp sims and impulse responses. If your full amp and guitar tone is pedal based or designed "in box", the optimum way to take this to the stage is by using a powered guitar cab with a full range flat response that lets you deliver your finely crafted guitar tone at volumes above drummer noise levels. The technology developed for Line 6 power cabs combines custom hybrid coaxial speakers with a powerful set of features. Speaker modelling mode enables you to tap into several classic speaker types that have been accurately modelled, so if you're just using a preamp section and effects, your Line 6 cab can handle the rest, simply plug your amp modeller into the cab and you can select your favourite guitar speaker from the menu, letting you tap into the complete speaker tone of many great amplifiers and cabinets to suit each song in your set.

Why Should I Choose a Line 6 Cabinet?

  • Amplify your modelled amp sounds
  • Excellent built-in cab models
  • Reliable build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Guitar Amp Cabinets

Question: Are Line 6 cabs any good?
Yes, if you're a fan of amp modelling and Impulse Responses, Line 6 cabs let you take your crafted sounds to the stage.
Question: What speakers are in a Line 6 cabinet?
Line 6 cabinets use custom designed lightweight speakers to deliver an uncoloured tone.
Question: Where are Line 6 cabs made?
Line 6 cabs are manufactured in China.