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About Line 6 Amps

Line 6 amps show off the brand's versatile digital modelling technology. Each amp features a wide selection of convincing amp and effect sounds. This brand is well known for introducing new concepts in technology for musicians. This is demonstrated well by their amplifier ranges.

Line 6 Spider amps are designed and built specifically for practice . This is a popular range with many features.

Line 6 also make valve amps under the 'DT' name and the innovative 'Firehawk' amps which work in conjunction with an online app.

Line 6 guitar amplifiers are always popular. We keep an extensive selection of them in stock throughout each of our guitarguitar stores. Try them out in-store or order online for home delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Amps

Line 6 amps tend to have lots of fantastic effects, options and parameters. These are made a lot more useful when controlled by the guitarist's feet, freeing the hands to stay where they belong on the guitar! Good news, then, that Line 6 make special foot controllers like the FBV3. This unit has dedicated switches for changing through channels, assigning functions and tapping the tempo for time-based effects like delay. There is a treadle pedal for controlling volume/wah etc and an LCD screen for reading patch names and so on.
That is always a difficult question! There are so many factors to take into account, for example: how loud is your band? What size venue will you be playing? Will you be micing up your guitar amp? It is worth noting that valve amps like the Line 6 DT range are almost always louder than solid state amps with similar power ratings. A 50w valve combo will be much louder than a 50w solid state or digital combo. Wattage is not loudness, remember: it is a measurement of power. Having said all that, we recommend getting the loudest amp you can both afford and carry. For solid state and digital amps, we recommend at least 100 watts. Conversely, if you mic up your amp, a humble 15 watt valve combo is often enough, especially if you do not require a gargantuan overdrive sound.
The DT range do have a choice of 4 voicings but these are not really to be thought of as 'modelling' per se. The DT amp circuits are actually made by Reinhold Bogner of Bogner amps so it may be more accurate to think of them along those lines instead.