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About Line 6 Amps

Line 6 Amps deliver some of the most powerful versatility in amp that any player could hope for. Long famed for their effects and modelling technologies, Line 6 amps deliver a huge array of tones and sounds, ensuring there's a Line 6 amp to suit any player.

The Line 6 Spider series have long been hailed by bedroom and pro players alike for the wide range of sounds they can produce. The Line 6 Power Cab series, however, brings a whole new system of amplification to players who rely on Line 6's modelling systems for their tone. Players utilising the Helix Rack and other units using HX Modelling will love the Power Cab's huge, clean, Full-Range Flat-Response power and for its increased versatility.

Line 6 amps have come a long way since then, as digital modelling technology gets markedly better every year. Nowadays, the fifth generation of the Spider series boasts an incredible range of tones, impressing even the pickiest players. The diversity of sounds you can get from these amps is astonishing, making them the perfect home practice amp. Dialling in tones is easier than ever, allowing you to spend more time playing and less time looking at screens!

The Powercab from Line 6 is hugely popular too. More and more players now prefer to use modelling hardware like the Line 6 Helix or analog pedal preamps instead of traditional amps. They can simply plug these straight into the Power Cab, either using it as a full-range, flat-response (FRFR) cab or by using its integrated modelling technology to replicate particular speaker and cab sounds.

Finally, the Line 6 Catalyst Series of amps is an excellent bridge between the traditional dual-channel combo amp and cutting edge, modelling technology. Flexible, easy to use and with an incredible range of sounds providing by Line 6's proprietary HX sound design, the Catalyst Series is a clear winner. Excellent for home use, recording in the studio or for live shows, these amps are some of the most adaptable you'll come across.

You can unlock the full potential of the Catalyst series with the free Catalyst Edit app, giving you 6 unique amp sounds, 6 reverbs and 18 additional effects. What's not to love?

What Makes a Line 6 Amp Different?

  • Fantastic sounds
  • Perfect amps for home practice
  • Powercab is sensational for monitoring of modelling pedals
  • Forefront of digital modelling technology
  • Packed with superb amp tones and effects
  • Powerfully versatile amps

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Amps

Question: Are Line 6 amps any good?
Line 6 amps are exceptionally good, especially their Catalyst range which uses HX sound design for incredible amp sounds and can also be used as an interface via USB.
Question: Does Line 6 still make amps?
Yes, Line 6 still make an excellent selection of guitar amps including the much loved Spider and the hugely versatile Catalyst series.
Question: What artists use a Line 6 amp?
Line 6 artists include a huge variety of guitarists from Dino Cazares of Fear Factory to session guitarist Robbie Calvo, showing that they are extremely versatile.
Question: Who makes Line 6 amps?
Line 6 amps are manufactured by the Yamaha Corporation, who have wholly owned Line 6 since 2013.