Line 6 Catalyst

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About Line 6 Catalyst

The Line 6 Catalyst brings HX sound design into an easy to use guitar amp. Appealing to both new guitarists and seasoned professionals, the Line 6 Catalyst provides players with all they need for performing live, practicing at home and recording. It is simple to use with its clearly labeled and responsive controls but more options can be unlocked on the Line 6 Catalyst with the free Catalyst Edit app. It features 6 new and unique amp sounds plus 6 reverbs and 18 additional effects, making the Line 6 Catalyst one of the best amps around.

Why Should I Choose Line 6 Catalyst?

  • An excellent selection of unique amp sounds
  • Can be used on stage, at home, or for recording
  • Simple to use with a familiar look and feel

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Catalyst

Question: What is the difference between the Line 6 Catalyst and Spider range?
The Line 6 Catalyst has been designed with a more traditional focus compared to the Spider. It is a dual-channel amp with new and unique amp sounds not found on the Spider.
Question: Where is the Line 6 Catalyst made?
The Line 6 Catalyst is made in Malaysia and design in the USA, making it affordable but also very high quality.
Question: What does the Line 6 Catalyst range sound like?
The Line 6 Catalyst range has 6 unique amp sounds, from clean to heavy styles, and have a very responsive valve-type sound and feel.