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About Line 6 Spider

Line 6 Spider amplifiers are a range of popular, feature laden practice amps. Line 6 have been making their Spider amps for many years now, with each new generation of amps (now into its fifth, the Spider V) improving over the last.

Line 6 Spiders are digital amps that use modeling technology to produce the amp's tones. This means that Line 6 can offer a wide range of tones form clean to super-distorted, all from the same piece of equipment.

These amplifiers are loaded with effects. These include reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and others. The effects can be added to any of the amp sounds, resulting in a wide selection of available sounds. Line 6 have taken pains to ensure that the Spider range is very easy to use though. Beginners will not be put off and seasoned players will be able to quickly access the sounds they want to play with.

As a major UK Line 6 dealer, we carry large stocks of Spider amps. They are available in different sizes to fit different situations. Visit us to try out the Line 6 Spider range or simply browse the full range here online..

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Spider

Question: How many amps are currently in the Spider V range?
There are currently 6 amps in the Spider V range. The model number also denotes the amp's power in watts: Spider V 20, Spider V 30, Spider V 60, Spider V 120, Spider V 240 and Spider V 240 HC amp head with built-in speaker.
Question: Do I need a particular footswitch to change channels on a Line 6 Spider V amp?
Yes, you need to use the Line 6 FBV3 footswitch. Nothing else will work properly. Also, please note that the Spider V 20 does not accept a footswitch. All of the other models do.
Question: How many preset tones do the Spider V amps have onboard?
All Spider V amps, with the exception of the Spider V 20, have 128 onboard preset tones in a wide range of styles. The Spider 20 has 16, with 128 presets being accessible via the Spider V Remote software.