Line 6 Spider

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About Line 6 Spider

The Line 6 Spider is the ever popular range of modelling amplifiers manufatured by Line 6. Extremely popular with beginner players, these amplifiers use computer modelling technology to accurately recreate a wide variety of amp styles, sounds and effects, allowing newer players the ability to experiment and utilise a wide range of presets to find a sound that works for them.

The Line 6 Spider V is the latest in the range, and boasts a range of features and options among the series. From the streamlined and slick 20w , to the stage-ready 240w and everything in between, there's an option for any player and price point.

Why Should I Choose a Line 6 Spider?

  • Great modelling technology
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Range of pricepoints
  • Great for beginners

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Spider

Question: How many watts is a Line 6 Spider amp?
Line 6 Spider Amps vary in wattage depending on the model. They range from 20w all the way to a whopping 240w.
Question: Do I need a particular footswitch to change channels on a Line 6 Spider V amp?
Yes, you need to use the Line 6 FBV3 footswitch. Nothing else will work properly. Also, please note that the Spider V 20 does not accept a footswitch. All of the other models do.
Question: How many preset tones do the Spider V amps have onboard?
All Spider V amps, with the exception of the Spider V 20, have 128 onboard preset tones in a wide range of styles. The Spider 20 has 16, with 128 presets being accessible via the Spider V Remote software.
Question: Are Line 6 Spider amps any good?
Yes. Line 6 Spider Amps are very good amps at very attractive price points. They are very easy to use, and expose players to a wide range of effects and sound options making them great for beginner players who are looking to sample a lot of sound options in one convenient package.
Question: Is Line 6 Spider a tube amp?
No. Line 6 Spider Amps are Modelling Amps, meaning that they use computer technology to to accurately replicate the sounds of other amplifiers/effects units.