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About Line 6 Helix

The Line 6 Helix is the latest in amp modelling innovation from Line 6. With the POD, Line 6 blazed the trail for amp modelling. With the Helix, they have really changed the game.

Line 6's Helix products are professional quality pieces of equipment, perfect for producing world-class guitar tones. It is available in a variety of guises including the full floor unit, a rack version and downsized floor units.

The Helix is a combination of amp modeller, high definition multi-effects device, preamp and interface. It can work into an amp, PA, mixer or computer. It works alongside other pedals or on its own and sounds incredible.

Line 6 have used their expertise in this field to produce great products for touring professionals and studio players alike. The Helix is where digital modelling guitarists stop compromising and begin dominating.

Come and see for yourself at your nearest guitarguitar store. You can also browse the full range online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Helix

The entire Helix range is made up of 5 main models with one software plug in. These are as follows: Helix Floor, Helix Rack (with optional Helix Control floor unit), Helix LT, HX Stomp and HX Effects. Plus, there is also the Helix Native software Plugin.
Yes, that's the idea. You plug directly into a PA system and listen back via a monitor speaker whilst your signal goes out the main PA. Some players choose to hook up their own PA speaker for personal monitoring. This is different from using an amplifier since amps are designed to colour your sound and PA speakers are designed not to. Another option is to use in-ear monitors. We sell these at guitarguitar too so don't forget to ask about them if you are interested in a professional monitoring system.
Indeed it does! There are hundreds of FX inside the Helix HX including a host of amps, cabinets and FX.
FRFR stands for Full Range, Flat Response. PA speakers are like this: it means that the speaker is as transparent as possible. This is what to look for when amplifying your Helix or other digital modelling system. The modeller creates all of the tone and needs that tone amplified without the additional gain and colouration of a guitar amp. We sell lots of FRFR speakers at guitarguitar from brands including Mackie, QSC, Electro Voice and Mission Engineering.