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About Line 6 Helix

The Line 6 Helix has become the new standard in amp modelling from Line 6. With the POD, Line 6 introduced the world to portable and convenient amp modelling solutions. With the Helix, they now offer more capabilities than ever before.

Line 6's Helix products are professional quality pieces of equipment, perfect for producing world-class guitar tones to suit touring professionals and studio players alike. There are a number of units in the Helix family, all of which offer solutions to downsizing your existing rig or increasing the amount and quality of tones available at the touch of a button.

The Helix is a combination of amp modeller, high definition multi-effects device, preamp and interface. As well as great sounding presets, it is simple to create custom tones to match your needs. It can work into an amp, PA, mixer or computer. It works alongside other pedals or on its own. All of the models are incredibly popular and the Helix can now be found in the rig of many pro guitar players the world over.

Why Choose the Line 6 Helix?

  • An industry leader with high quality amp models and effects
  • Years of knowledge and experience go into every product
  • Used by many professional touring and studio musicians

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Helix

Question: How do I connect a Line 6 Helix to a computer?
The Line 6 Helix has a USB connection that allows for quick and easy connection to a computer. It can then be used with the editing software or as an audio interface.
Question: Does the Line 6 Helix need a power amp?
This really depends on how you choose to use it. Many players plug directly into a PA system and listen back on stage via a monitor speaker which eliminates the need for a traditional amp set-up. If you do plan on playing through a traditional guitar cabinet then you would require a power amp.
Question: Who uses a Line 6 Helix?
Many players such as Jeff Loomis, Devin Townsend, Alex Skolnick, Jen Majura and Billy Sheehan have all used a Line 6 Helix. Many other guitarists also use them due to the excellent tones, simplicity and convenience.
Question: How do you update a Line 6 Helix?
By connecting your Helix to a computer and using Line 6's Updater software, you can easily make sure that you have the latest version of firmware, including any recent updates.