Rickenbacker 4003

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About Rickenbacker 4003

Introduced in 1979, the Rickenbacker 4003 has become an icon like few others. With players across all styles from pop to rock, the Rickenbacker 4003 has cemented itself a spot in music history. The standout looks of the bass manage to tow the line between vintage and modern, looking at home in any sort of style with it's variety of finish options. A very popular "Band" instrument, the 4003 oozes confidence and showmanship and has plenty of growl to back it up.

The Rickenbacker 4003 features a maple neck-through design with 2 single coil neck pickups as standard. It however provides a huge range of versatility from just these 2 pickups along and combined with the mono/stereo outputs you can craft yourself a very unique tone. This is all wrapped up in the top quality USA craftsmanship which throughout the years hasn't seen any compromise. Every Rickenbacker bass passes through the hands of experienced workers who have a passion for everything Rickenbacker. A selection of our Rickenbacker 4003 come included with a hard case.


Why Should I Choose a Rickenbacker 4003 Guitar?

  • USA craftsmanship
  • Unique Rickenbacker playability
  • Iconic looks
  • A wide variety of sounds
  • Instantly recognisable

Frequently Asked Questions about Rickenbacker 4003

Question: Are Rickenbacker 4003's good bass guitars?
The 4003 has been a mainstay of the Rickenbacker line-up for many years and for good reason. It's maple neck-through design and single coil pickups provide a great throaty tone which has seen use across many styles. Combined with the superb USA craftsmanship there's not many basses that can do what the 4003 can.
Question: Why are Rickenbacker so expensive?
Rickenbacker instruments are still built by experienced craftsmen every step of the way in California, USA. The price is a premium for the quality craftsmanship that comes out of the factory.
Question: When was the Rickenbacker 4003 released?
The 4003 was released way back in 1979. It has seen some different variations come and go over the years, but the standard 4003 still stands today as a staple of the Rickenbacker line-up.
Question: Which artists use a Rickenbacker 4003?
Many notable players have used the 4003 bass over the years, from names such as Paul McCartney to Roger Glover, and John Entwistle. As big as those names may be, the most recognizable 4003 player is probably the iconic Lemmy from Motorhead!
Question: What is the difference between a Rickenbacker 4003 and a 4001?
The 4003 uses hotter high gain pickups over the horseshoe and toaster of the 4001, it also has a fatter neck than the 4001, and is geared for a brighter more modern sound over the vintage leaning tone of the 4001.