Gibson Hard Cases

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About Gibson Hard Cases

Gibson Hard Cases are the perfect solution for storing and protecting your Gibson guitar. Gibson have a long history of shipping their guitars in protective cases, so the handsome exterior, lush padded interior and superb level of quality and reliability throughout have always been synonymous with the Gibson brand. They smell fantastic too!

Why Should I Choose a Gibson Hard Case?

  • Purpose built to fit your model of guitar
  • Top level protection for your Gibson guitar
  • Built tough with top quality components

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Hard Cases

Question: Are Gibson guitar cases any good?
Yes they are! Gibson Hard Cases deliver specially built protection for your Gibson guitar, specifically fitted to the model of your choice.
Question: Who makes guitar cases for Gibson?
Gibson guitar cases are produced in house by Gibson themselves. Gibson guitar cases were formally made by the GWW company, before acquiring the company directly in late 2021.
Question: Why do Gibson cases smell good?
Gibson haven't publicly stated what the source of the smell is that many guitarists love, but it could be a result of the lacquer on the guitar, or even the glue in the cases. Either way, we agree it's lovely.