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What we say:

At A Glance:

Latvia's innovative company, Gamechanger Audio, have caused waves with each new product. This one, their fresh take on the sustain pedal, seriously impresses. It is based on a pianos' sostenuto pedal, but this is a pedal for all musicians to take hold of and incorporate into their music!

Features We Love:

Multiple modes

The Plus pedal can give you full sustain, or half sustain, with a status LED that alters in brightness for instant visual feedback.

Real-Time Audio Sampling

The technology within the Plus pedal constantly samples your playing to create an ever-revolving loop of your most recently-played sound. This is how the Plus pedal gives you transparent sustain.

Group Mode

Group Mode allows you to sustain up to 5 layers of audio!


  • The feel of this pedal becomes second nature very quickly indeed, making it an extension of your playing.

Other Things To Consider:

  • As with other Gamechanger Audio pedals, other varieties of volume pedal exist out there, but none of them operate like this!



The PLUS Pedal is more than just a stomp-box – it is a vast extension of your instrument that bridges the gap between rhythm and lead parts, and lets all musicians explore completely new territories.

Besides being a powerful arrangement and compositional tool, The PLUS Pedal can also be used for creating interesting and unique sound effects that would otherwise be impossible to achieve in real-time.

Whether you are a composer, solo performer, sound designer or part of a band – the ability to instantly turn any melodic sound produced by your instrument into a layer of continuous sound will completely change the way you approach music.


is a unique audio algorithm developed by GAMECHANGER AUDIO that lets you capture and sample tiny bits of your instrument’s signal in real time and loop them into a seamless, warm and responsive sustained tone.

Unlike existing granular synthesizers and synth-pad triggers, PLUS Pedal actually runs a constant Hi-Res recording of your instrument, and once engaged, the RealTime sampling algorithm instantly creates a circular micro-loop out of the most recent audio signal produced by you.

Think of it as a smart looper that only catches the last segment of your chosen note or chord, and uses it to create a continuous sound.

The resulting layers of sustain can be practically indistinguishable from the original tone of your instrument, and you can further adjust and fine-tune the PLUS Pedal to achieve the exact type of sustain you have imagined.


The PLUS Pedal is built like a tank and will last you a lifetime. It is also elegantly designed to fit any setting – from an academic stage to the heaviest of pedalboards


The PLUS Pedal is also a fantastic tool for aural training and practicing melodies, scales, and modes over specific chords or tonal counterpoints.


Effortlessly create unique ambient sounds, drones, textures, special effects for film-scores and atmospheric pieces for live-use.


Tons of adjustable parameters, including volume, fade-in and fade-out speed, tone, number of layers, and a touch-sensitive gradual foot-pedal ensure that you have full control over the PLUS Pedal


Combine the PLUS Pedal with any other effects unit and choose which output signal to link it with – Dry or Wet. For example – you can add any tremolo pedal to the Wet signal and give your sustained tones a cool, pulsating effect.