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About Guitar Cables

Guitar cables are a purchase that should not be underestimated. Your cable is the device that carries your thousands of hours worth of hard earned technique to your carefully chosen amplifier. Don't let a sub-par cable ruin all of that for you!

At guitarguitar, we keep a fine selection of guitar cables in stock. We stock all of the major manufacturers like Fender, Klotz, Ernie Ball, TOURTECH and D'Addario. This means you get the best choice at every price point. Professionals and hobbyists alike will find a cable perfect for their purpose and budget.

We believe that every element of your equipment plays an important part in the creation of your final sound. We stock the brands and products that we know to be the best so that you can rest assured that every visit to guitarguitar will be a worthwhile one.

Whether you visit us online or in-store, our selection of guitar cables will be the best around. Click through to buy directly on our site or visit us to check out our cables in person.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Cables

A high quality guitar cable will preserve your tone fully but what it will not do is 'increase' your tone or anything like that. Cables cannot really 'add' anything to your sound: what you are looking to do with a cable is keep as much of your tone intact as possible. Cheaper cables will rob you of signal strength and certain frequencies so the aim is to avoid that more than anything else.
We think a shorter cable in the studio makes sense, especially if you are situated close to your computer whilst you record. A shorter cable will keep more of your signal strength and, unlike a live performance, your recordings are permanent documents for your art so you really want to put down the best tones possible. The best case scenario in our opinion is to use a 10ft cable for recording and a longer cable for gigging.
Well, this is a hotly debated topic. Instead of covering every conceivable angle here, we'll simply tell you what we think. If you use pedals, we think a 10-15ft cable into the first pedal is perfect for most stages, followed by at least 15ft between the final pedal and the amp. But what about loss of signal? Yes, yes, we know. You will lose a tiny bit of signal but your audience is going to notice your tiny cable being pulled taught and bringing your amp crashing to the floor much quicker than they'll detect a few dB less gain on your signal, trust us. We don't think you often need more than a 20ft cable though. Whether going straight into an amp or not, 20ft should be the longest instrument cable length you need to buy.