Dunlop Guitar Cables

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About Dunlop Guitar Cables

Dunlop Guitar Cables represent the high quality and innovative design we've known Dunlop to produce since 1965. Dunlop guitar cables are flexible with a high quality, professional feel whether they are using a PVC outer jacket or a woven fabric finish. Using Oxygen Free Copper to design their cables, Dunlop can ensure your instrument's tone is pure and blocks unwanted interference. Designed to sit at the optimal capacitance for guitars and bases you get the right tonal harmonics and a big sound. Many cables are also built with spiral shielding to aid in noise rejection. All cables come in a variety of styles and finishes including right angle ends so you can find the perfect professional quality cable for your situation. A limited lifetime warranty offers additional protection as well.

Why Should I Choose a Dunlop Guitar Cable?

  • Used by some of the biggest names in music
  • High quality components
  • Reduces noise interference

Frequently Asked Questions about Dunlop Guitar Cables

Question: Are Dunlop guitar cables any good?
Yes Dunlop guitar cables are good, they are made with high quality components to give you a professional level sound.
Question: What are Dunlop guitar cables good for?
Dunlop guitar cables are great for providing a high quality sound ensuring the sound of your guitar reaches your amp in pristine condition.
Question: Who uses a Dunlop guitar cable?
Artists such as Tom Morello, Metallica, Jim Root, Joe Bonamassa and more all use Dunlop products.