Blackstar Fly

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About Blackstar Fly

The Blackstar Fly is a game-changer for mini, portable amps. With models voiced for electric, acoustic and bass guitars, the Fly is a featherweight amp that packs a punch.

The mini amp has at times felt more like a toy than a serious practice solution. No longer! The Blackstar Fly uses full-range computer speakers. This enables you to have a rich, wide sound at low volumes. It also features an mp3 input. This, when coupled with the Fly 103 Extension Speaker, gives a dynamic stereo experience when listening to music or watching movies.

The Blackstar Superfly is a more substantial portable amp. It also boasts a microphone input for a variety of performance needs.

If the Fly and Superfly are still too big, then the Amplug2 Fly is the perfect choice for you. This teeny-tiny headphone amp plugs directly into the jack of your guitar allowing rewarding, but silent, practice.

What Makes the Blackstar Fly Different?

  • Rich tones in a tiny package
  • Models for electric, acoustic and bass guitar
  • Superfly and Amplug2 Fly variations depending on your needs

Frequently Asked Questions about Blackstar Fly

Question: Can I use effects pedals with a Blackstar Fly?
Yes! You can use effects pedals with the Blackstar Fly. The Blackstar Fly has a clean and overdrive channel and tape delay effect built-in. If you are using effects pedals, stick to the clean channel for richer tones!
Question: Do Blackstar Fly amps come with a power supply?
The Blackstar Fly power supply is sold separately in all cases except the Blackstar Fly Mini Amp Pack which includes the power supply.