Ampeg Rocket Bass

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About Ampeg Rocket Bass

Ampeg Rocket Bass delivers excellent tones in a mobile format. Each Rocket amp is an ideal portable package, with robust features and enough power for most practices and gigs, a light and portable package with unparalleled performance, vintage styling and auxiliary input and headphone connections, we're confident you'll be able to find the right Rocket bass amp for your needs that works as an ideal practice amp and gigging option. Ampeg Rocket Bass amps include many modern features that give you access to great tones that can work with your playing situations.

Obviously, each amp has your classic Ampeg sounds, but Ampeg's new super grit technology with the SGT overdrive allows you to search new sonic territories, from vintage overdrive to modern cutting and aggressive tones, the Rocket has you covered for every style. Plus with an XLR direct output, an Ampeg legacy preamp, an auxiliary input that lets you run music into the amp to play along to and a headphone output, the Rocket amps is the ideal practice companion for any player.

Why Should I Choose Ampeg Rocket Bass?

  • Versatile range of tones
  • Powerful models are suitable for gigs and practice
  • Lightweight

Frequently Asked Questions about Ampeg Rocket Bass

Question: What is the Ampeg Rocket Bass series?
The Rocket Bass series is a range of light weight bass amps that deliver quality tones with adequate power for a range of gigging situations.
Question: Where are Ampeg Rocket bass amps made?
Ampeg Rocket amps are designed in the USA and made in China.
Question: Is the Ampeg rocket bass series any good?
Yes, Rocket Amps deliver a versatile range of quality tones.