Fender Jaguar Bass

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About Fender Jaguar Bass

The Fender Jaguar bass is a 4 string electric bass guitar. It gets its name from its body shape and design, both of which are taken from the Fender Jaguar guitar.

The Jaguar bass has an appealing 'offset' body with a distinctive metal control panel. There are various models with different specs, pickups and features. All share the same outline.

The Fender Jaguar bass is available in a number of ranges. This includes the Player range and a signature model for Mastodon's Troy Sanders. Fender's sister brand Squier have also released several Jaguar bass models over the years.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Jaguar Bass

Question: Is the Fender Jaguar Bass Short-scale?
Generally, no. Most of the Jaguar basses that Fender make are to a regular 34" scale length. Squier have made short-scale Jaguar basses in the past, and Fender's Mustang bass is almost always short scale.
Question: What type of pickups are in the Fender player Jaguar Bass?
Fender have upgraded all their pickups for the Player range. The pickups on the Player Jaguar bass have alnico V magnets for a clear, vintage tone. They are arranged in a PJ configuration: there is a split coil pickup in the middle and a single coil at the bridge, giving a wealth of available sounds.