Fender Jaguar Bass

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About Fender Jaguar Bass

The Fender Jaguar Bass is an iconic bass, with a different style and feel from the Fender Player Jaguar bass to Precision and Jazz bass, the Jaguar is an incredibly smooth, ergonomic and versatile bass guitar that has a lot to offer.

With a single coil Jazz Bass pickup, and a split single coil precision bass pickup, the Fender Jaguar has a lot of tonal variety that can cover whatever style or genre suits you.

As a major UK Fender dealer, we have a vast and varied selection of the best Fender basses available anywhere.

Why Should I Choose a Fender Jaguar Bass?

  • Fender Jaguar Bass guitars are made to a very high quality
  • Excellent construction and build
  • Iconic design
  • Great ergonomics

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Jaguar Bass

Question: Where are Fender Jaguar Bass guitars made?
Fender Jaguar Bass guitars are all currently made in Mexico.
Question: Which artists play a Fender Jaguar Bass?
Artists that play a Fender Jaguar Bass are Mastodon's frontman Troy Sanders, who has his own signature model, Mark Hoppus, Colin Greenwood and Eva Gardner.
Question: What kind of neck does a Fender Jaguar Bass have?
Fender Jaguar Bass guitars usually have a maple neck with a very thin and ergonomic profile.
Question: What does the switch on a Jaguar bass guitar do?
The switch on a Fender Jaguar bass selects active or passive electronics circuits. Passive in the down position (toward the neck) and active in the up position. The adjacent inset control wheels are active treble cut and active bass cut, and they function only when the switch is in the up (active) position.
Question: What type of pickups are in a Fender Jaguar Bass?
The Fender Jaguar Bass has 2 pickups, set in the middle and the bridge. The Middle Pickup is a Split Single Coil Precision Bass Pickup. The Bridge Pickup is a Single Coil Jazz Bass Pickup.