Fender Mustang Bass

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About the Fender Mustang Bass

The Fender Mustang bass is a great choice for those looking to play a short scale bass. Styled after the popular Fender Mustang guitar, the Mustang bass has the same offset body shape. The scale length measures 30" which is 4" less than Fender's standard bass scale length, This makes the Mustang bass very easy to play and a great choice for guitarists looking to transition from guitar to bass.

Fender have made this popular bass guitar since 1966 and it is adored by a wide variety of players looking for that distinct feel and tone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Mustang Bass

Question: Where is the Fender Mustang bass built?
All current Mustang models are built in Fender's plant in Ensenada, Mexico.
Question: What does the 'PJ' in Mustang Bass PJ mean?
The 'PJ' refers to the pickups choice. There is a split-coil P-bass pickup in the middle position and a single coil jazz bass pickup residing at the bridge position, hence P+J: Precision and Jazz. This configuration offers the 'best of both worlds' to bassists looking for a range of tones.
Question: Is the Mustang a beginners bass?
No, not at all. In the early days, Fender released short scale basses such as the Mustang which allowed beginners to have an easier time learning. These days, short scale basses are absolutely accepted by professionals as viable and legitimate choices. Nine Inch Nails bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen even has his own signature Fender Mustang bass model, available in a cool Road Worn finish.
Question: What does 'short scale bass' mean?
'Short scale bass' refers to the scale length. The scale length is a measurement taken from the nut of the guitar's neck (right where the frets meet the headstock) across to the 12th fret, which is where the traditional musical scale finishes and begins again. This length, therefore, is the length of the guitar's scale - the scale length. The majority of basses use a scale length of 34". The Fender Mustang bass uses a shorter scale length of 30", a full 4 inches shorter. To the uninitiated, this may not sound like much but the difference is significant when you play it. Not only are the notes all closer together, the strings have a lot less tension in them, providing an easy playing experience.