Fender Mustang Bass

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About Fender Mustang Bass

The Fender Mustang Bass has an offset body shape and is a great short scale choice. Styled after the popular Fender Mustang guitar, the Mustang bass appeals to those after something a little different. The scale length is 30" which is 4" less than Fender's standard bass scale length. This makes it very comfortable and easy to play.

The Fender Mustang Bass is available across many of the Fender ranges including American Performer, Vintera and Player series. Each comes with its own slight variation on the classic design and gives bassists ample options. With artists such as Justin Meldal-Johnsen having a signature model, you know the Mustang Bass is a very good choice.

Why Should I Choose Fender Mustang Bass?

  • Comfortable shorter scale length
  • Choice of pickup options and colours
  • Available across a number of Fender ranges

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Mustang Bass

Question: Is the Fender Mustang Bass good?
With its shorter scale length and offset body shape, the Mustang Bass is a very good bass for those after something different to more traditional options.
Question: When was the Fender Mustang Bass introduced?
The Fender Mustang Bass was introduced in 1966 and is still a popular choice today thanks to its distinctive feel and sound.
Question: What are the correct length strings for a Fender Mustang Bass?
Some brands make short scale bass strings which are well suited to the top loading 30" scale length Mustang Bass. Some bassists instead prefer to go up a gauge in standard strings to keep a familiar tension.
Question: Which artists play the Fender Mustang Bass?
Many famous bassists have chosen the Fender Mustang Bass. These include Bill Wyman from The Rolling Stones, Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth, Tina Weymouth from Talking Heads and Justin Meldal-Johnsen from Beck/Nine Inch Nails.