Fender Vintera Mustang

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About Fender Vintera Mustang

The Fender Vintera Mustang captures all the things that make the Mustang a cult classic. The featherweight body, the articulate tone, the compact feel: the Vintera Mustang has it all!

The Fender Mustang was launched in 1964 as a student guitar. Its small body and short 24” scale length made it ideal for kids and beginners. Like all good instruments, however, it eventually fell into the wrong hands and became famous in the 90s for its use in alternative rock and grunge, most notably by Kurt Cobain.

The Fender Vintera Mustang 60s is packed with period-correct features. It has the original Fender 7.25” radius and small vintage fret wire. The original electronics remain intact, with two plastic slider switches above the strings to select pickups and phase. The pickups are voiced for that classic low output, bell-like tone we all know and love. The original tremolo system also remains capable of subtle movement and eccentric wobble.

The Vintera 60s Mustang Bass is also period-correct. It really captures that classic mid-range thump synonymous with the short-scale bass sound of the 60s. Ideal for pop and indie hooks, the punchy sound can be heard in a busy mix.

Our Fender Vintera Mustang guitars come included with a gig bag.


What Makes the Fender Vintera Mustang Different?

  • Celebration of a cult classic
  • Perfect for both kids and grunge bands!
  • Both guitar and bass packed with period correct features

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Vintera Mustang

Question: Where is the Fender Vintera Mustang made?
The Fender Vintera Mustang is made in Mexico.