Fender Mustang

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About the Fender Mustang

The Fender Mustang started out as a student model back when it was originally released in 1964. This was partly due to the shorter 24" scale length and simplified electronics. It is now regarded as an alternative culture classic and continues to be the guitar of choice for both beginners and pros.

The Mustang has gained a lot of credibility among indie and alternative artists. Bands such as Sonic Youth, Nirvana and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have all used Mustangs. There are guitar and bass models available at a number of different price points. This offers the flexibility for players to find the one best suited to their budget and style of playing. The Fender Mustang ranges includes American Performer, Vintera and Mustang Bass models.

In terms of specific models, a Vintera Mustang keeps with the traditional feel and style that has made it such a favourite. A Player 90 model offers a hardtail and P90 pickups for straight forward performance. This selection allows for a new generation of artists to discover the particular charm of the Fender Mustang.

Why Should I Choose a Fender Mustang?

  • Originally made for beginners and students, with a shorter neck than other Fender guitars
  • Particularly popular with Indie and Grunge musicians
  • Offset body shape is a great alternative to classic models

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Mustang

Question: Are Fender Mustangs good guitars?
Mustangs are a great choice for both learners and pro guitarists. Their shorter scale length makes them comfortable to play and the offset body is a great alternative to more traditional models. As with all Fender guitars, the Mustang is made well with reliable components.
Question: Who plays a Fender Mustang?
Kurt Cobain, David Byrne, Mark Arm, Graham Coxon and Bilinda Butcher have all used a Mustang. This list of guitarists shows how popular the Mustang has become for grunge/indie/brit-pop and shoegaze artists.
Question: What wood are Fender Mustangs made from?
Alder is usually used for the body wood of a Fender Mustang. This is a popular wood choice across the whole Fender range due to its dependability and excellent tonal qualities.
Question: Is the Fender Mustang a light guitar?
Although the Fender Mustang is a solid body guitar, on average they do tend to be a little lighter than say a Stratocaster. Around 7lbs is the average weight.