Fender Player Series

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About the Fender Player Series

The Fender Player Series is Fender's newest line of affordable high-quality guitars. Replacing the venerable Mexican Standards these guitars bring all of the character, sound, and playability that you know and love, with some strategic tweaks to the overall feel and hardware of the range.

Whether you're looking for vintage or modern specifications, Stratocasters or Jaguars, Jazz or Precision, there is something in the Fender Player Series for everyone to enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Player Series

New Fender Player Series Pickups, a range of new colours, and some improved hardware appointments such as 2 Point Tremolo Bridges on the Stratocasters, 6-Saddle Bridges on the Telecasters, Push/Pull Electronics for Coil Splitting on the Jaguars and Jazzmasters, among various smaller tweaks throughout the range.
While the Fender Player Series are instantly more affordable, there is no compromise on quality, and due to the specially selected improvements to the range, they are a much closer alternative than the previous Mexican Standards, providing an inexpensive yet extremely high-quality option.