Fender Player Jazzmaster

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About Fender Player Jazzmaster

The Fender Player Jazzmaster is part of the range that has replaced the Mexican Standard Series. This is something of a hybrid in the sense that it takes the best classic features of the Jazzmaster and marries them to some more modern elements such as humbucking pickups (the bridge model is coil-splittable for singel coil sounds) and a 'Modern C' neck carve.

This Fender Player Jazzmaster has a Pau Ferro fingerboard and is available in a number of lovely finishes including Buttercream and Sage Green Metallic. As one of the UK's top Fender dealers, we have the best Player Series collection in the country. For Fender Player Series guitars, the only place to go is guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Player Jazzmaster

Question: Does the Player Jazzmaster have different wiring than traditional Jazzmasters?
Yes it does. This guitar features a single circuit with a 3 way pickup selector and a coil tap feature. This simple and direct design highlights the workhorse nature of the Player series very effectively.
Question: What is the fingerboard of the Player Jazzmaster made from? And what is its radius?
The fingerboard is made from Pau Ferro, a dark and porous wood that is very similar to Rosewood. Pau Ferro is used on a great many Fender fingerboards these days. The radius of the Player Jazzmaster is 9.5", a standard for Fender and a happy medium for nearly all guitarists.
Question: Does the Player Jazzmaster have normal Jazzmaster pickups?
No, instead of the normal large single coils, the Player Jazzmaster actually has a pair of new Player humbuckers. There is a coil tap feature to gain access to more customary single coil tones too. This makes the Player Jazzmaster a very versatile instrument.