Fender Player Jaguar

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About Fender Player Jaguar

The Fender Player Jaguar is a fresh and exciting take on this enduring counter-culture classic. Fender have kept much of the vintage style of the Jaguar - the body shape, the distinctive tremolo bridge and the metal control panel - and changed up other elements to provide modern guitarists with a versatile instrument that meets their needs in terms of sound, feel and appearance.

The Fender Player Series Jaguar has a 'Modern C' profiled neck carve with a 9.5" radius fingerboard to give a more contemporary feel, though it retains the characteristic 24" scale length that Jags have always had. The pickups are an unusual and welcome combination of a single coil pickup in the neck position and a coil-splittable Alnico 3 humbucker at the bridge for a large range of versatile sounds.

The Fender Player Jaguar is available in a variety of beautiful new finishes including Tidepool and Sonic Red. Check out our entire range of Fender guitars online or visit any of our UK showrooms to try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Player Jaguar

Question: Do Fender Jaguars normally have this pickup configuration?
No, this pickup configuration is a new development for the Player Jaguar. In the past, Fender Jags traditionally had two single coil pickups. More recent models have opted for two humbuckers but this Player model provides the 'best of both worlds' with a Bridge humbucker and a neck single coil. The humbucker is coil tapped to allow single coil options for the bridge unit too.
Question: Does the shorter 24" scale length make the Player Jaguar easier to play than other Fenders?
Most guitarists would agree with this, yes. The shorter neck does prove a problem for people with exceptionally large hands but everybody else will enjoy the closer, slinkier feel. There is less tension on the strings and on the neck, which makes bending strings and so on much less of an effort.
Question: How does the circuitry on the Player Jaguar compare to traditional model Jaguars?
The circuitry is far simpler and more streamlined on the Player Jaguar than on traditional Fender Jaguars. There is one circuit, a 3 way pickup selector switch and a slider for coil tapping the bridge humbucker. This simple set up should suit all guitarists.