Fender Player Jaguar

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About Fender Player Jaguar

The Fender Player Jaguar has a distinctive offset body shape and is a very popular model, available under the Fender Player series. It is available in both electric guitar and bass options. The Player versions come in a selection of colours and feature a simpler set of controls to a typical Jaguar.

The Fender Player Jaguar is made in Mexico and provides excellent value for money while still keeping to a high quality. The Player Jaguar electric guitars feature a shorter scale length of 24", a tremolo, and a modern pickup configuration. If you are looking for a contemporary guitar with iconic Fender style then the Fender Player Jaguar is a worthy choice.

Why Should I Choose a Fender Player Jaguar?

  • A stylish alternative to more traditional models
  • The Player Series instruments are made to an excellent quality
  • Good for Rock, Indie and Alternative styles

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Player Jaguar

Question: Is the Fender Player Jaguar any good?
Yes, the Fender Player Jaguar guitar is very good. It provides iconic Jaguar looks with excellent features.
Question: Is a Fender Player Jaguar guitar comfortable to play?
Yes, a Fender Player Jaguar guitar is comfortable to play thanks to its offset shape and 24" scale length.
Question: Do Fender Jaguars normally have this pickup configuration?
No, this pickup configuration is a new development for the Player Jaguar. In the past, Fender Jags traditionally had two single coil pickups. More recent models have opted for two humbuckers but this Player model provides the 'best of both worlds' with a Bridge humbucker and a neck single coil. The humbucker is coil tapped to allow single coil options for the bridge unit too.
Question: How does the circuitry on the Player Jaguar compare to traditional model Jaguars?
The circuitry is far simpler and more streamlined on the Player Jaguar than on traditional Fender Jaguars. There is one circuit, a 3 way pickup selector switch and a slider for coil tapping the bridge humbucker. This simple set up should suit all guitarists.
Question: What artists play a Fender Jaguar?
Artists who have played a Fender Jaguar include Kurt Cobain, John Frusciante, Johnny Marr, Sharon Van Etten, and Scott Hill.