Fender Player Telecaster

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About Fender Player Telecaster

The Fender Player Telecaster is a fantastic tele that replaces the Standard Telecaster in Fender's Mexican range of excellent value guitars. The Player Telecaster is actually available in a few guises including models with two humbuckers instead of the customary two single coil pickup model.

The Fender Player Telecaster is available in a wide range of finishes including both old favourites and fresh new colours. Depending on the finish, certain models have maple fingerboards and others have Pau Ferro. These finishes include Butterscotch Blonde, Tidepool and Sonic Red.

The Fender Player Telecaster is for every guitarist: check it out now at your nearest guitarguitar UK store where we have the best collection available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Player Telecaster

The Player Telecaster HH has an altogether bigger and hotter sound than a Telecatser fitted with the customary single coils. That being said, the tone knob conceals a coil-split switch to turn the humbuckers into single coils for some classic Tele twang. The Fender Player Telecaster HH gives you the best of both worlds!