Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass

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About Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass

Nothing makes heads turn like a Fender Custom Shop jazz bass.

The sheer size of it demands attention: big slabs of chrome hardware and stunning relic’d finishes on its offset contours. The Custom Shop Jazz Bass will elevate any performance - making them ideal for studio use and live performance.

The Fender Custom Shop is home to Fender’s finest guitar builders. Every year they refresh their stock catalogue so each model is only available in extremely limited numbers. It is also possible to order any custom spec for sensational one-off instruments. We’ve seen a huge number of Fender Custom Shop Jazz Basses pass through our doors over the years from the vintage to the modern, sensible to the madcap. They have all been stunningly crafted and miraculously consistent.

The Fender Custom Shop excels in creating authentic feeling replicas of original 60s Jazz Basses. They are battered and bruised but full of mojo. Handwound pickups capture the thump and snarl of those early basses. Premium tonewoods ensure a resonant and lively sound. The Fender Custom Shop also makes a Jaco Pastorius Tribute Jazz Bass which is a faithful reproduction of the bass master’s famously distressed fretless bass.

What Makes the Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass Different?

  • Truly awe-inspiring vintage looks
  • Handwound pickups and premium tonewoods
  • Perfect for studio use and live performance
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass

    Question: Where is the Fender Custom Shop Jazz Bass made?
    The Fender Custom Shop is a factory within a factory in Corona, California. Each instrument is handcrafted by expert luthiers to create some of the most iconic electric guitars and basses of all time. This of course includes Custom Shop jazz basses.