Line 6 DL4 MKII Delay Pedal

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Line 6 DL4 MKII Delay Pedal

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What we say:

At A Glance

The line 6 DL4 MKII is the brand new update to the original DL4, one of the true modern titans of the effects pedal scene.

The DL4 is easily one of the most recognisable pedals of all time with its big green chassis and row of switches and knobs, and across its over 20-year lifespan ,now its found its way to the feet of a frankly enormous array of artists from right across the musical spectrum. John Frusciante, Bill Frisell, Adam Jones, Julien Baker, Prince, Les Claypool, St Vincent, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Yvette Young, John Scofield, Juan Alderete, Reggie Watts, Wata - the list LITERALLY goes on and on. For this reason, Line 6 decided "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

That's why you'll find the same switch layout, same control layout, and all the same effects that made the original practically ubiquitous - and then some! The DL4 MKII boasts 30 delay options; 15 legacy from the original DL4 plus another 15 brand new for the MKII. All those loved effects of the original are here including wild sounds like the Harmony Delay, Pitch Echo, Euclidian Delay, Glitch Delay and ADT tape delay.

The hugely popular Looper function of the original is retained and expanded on here, with a one switch and four switch mode available, mono/stereo and pre/post signal path options and up to 240s of loop time (further expandable to frankly hours of time with the addition of a microSD card).  It also boasts an XLR input for ambitious vocalists and sound creators looking to utilise the MKII's array of effects, as well as switchable True, Buffered of DSP bypass to make sure it plays nice with all your other effects.

The MKII also boasts fantastic connectivity and switching options with sockets for an Expression pedal or 2 assignable footswitches, and MIDI In and Out/Thru connectivity letting you control parameters, mode switching and presets remotely making it fantastic even for studio work in real time!

It does all this, and even squeezes it into a smaller, lighter chassis that's still super robust and reliable, bringing this pedalboard staple to a whole new generation of musicians!

Features We Love:

Building on a Classic

There's no two ways about it, the Line 6 DL4 is one of the most important pedals produced in the past several decades. So how do Line 6 build on that? Well, they've taken everything about the original and kept it here! The DL4 MKII sports the same control and button layout, so everything's intimately familiar to users, with even more features, modes and effects squeezed into the platform.

Those Effects

The original DL4 was rightly noted for the sheer comprehensive nature of different effects squeezed into its green enclosure, from recreations of Space Echoes to Echorecs, to emulations of rackmount units like the TC 2290. The DL4 MKII sports 30 delay options, all 15 from the original model plus another 15 brand new effects, including Line 6 originals like the Glitch Delay. The DL4s highly popular and wonderfully intuitive Looper is included to, with 1 switch and 4 switch Looper control modes available, both with up to 240 seconds of looping time. The memory is also expandable with the addition of a separate microSD card, giving you hours of loop time!

Mic Input

The original was rightly loved by more than guitarists, including vocalists who made stunning use of its wide range of effects. This time round, the DL4 MKII has a dedicated XLR input letting you run a dynamic mic straight into the unit, eliminating the need for converter cables, signal converters, extra mixers, or any other workaround solutions you needed before! The result is a pedal that's supremely powerful for instrumentalists, vocalists, or even sound designers!

Connectivity and MIDI

The DL4 MKII retains the original DL4's superb connectivity, with slots for connecting an external expression pedal (automatically assigned to the Delay Time, Repeat, Tweak, Tweez, or Mix control dependent on selected mode), or 2 external footswitches, hugely expanding the MKII's already formidable capabilities. The DL4 MKII is also MIDI compatible with MIDI In and Out/Thru DIN connectors, letting you remotely affect parameters and select presets (up to 128 presets accessible through MIDI, 6 through onboard switching) - perfect for studio work!

Who Is It For?

Any instrumentalist, vocalist or producer looking for a raft of high quality delay effects all in one neat, intuitive package.


  • Retains and builds on all the stunning features of the original DL4
  • Keeps the same control and button layout as the original and expands from there
  • 30 delay effects
  • 2 looping modes with 240 seconds of loop time
  • Expandable loop memory
  • Full MIDI connectivity for remote switching and effect control
  • XLR in for mic connectivity


  • Identical knob and footswitch layout as the original DL4
  • 30 Delays: 15 new MkII plus 15 Legacy DL4
  • 2 Looper types—mono/stereo and pre/post signal path options
  • Up to 240 seconds of looping time, or several hours with optional microSD card
  • XLR dynamic microphone input for vocal processing and looping
  • MIDI In, Out/Thru DIN connectors—receives PC and CC messages
  • 128 Presets via MIDI, with footswitch control of up to six
  • Switchable true, buffered, or DSP bypass
  • Input for optional expression pedal or two additional footswitches

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The boss, ironically. Great.

Rory D. - 27/1/2023