Spector NS

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About Spector NS

The Spector NS series represents one of the iconic modern designs in bass history. The NS was designed for Spector by lauded instrument designer Ned Steinberger, who came up with the ergonomic, comfortable and compact curved body design to maximise playing comfort, letting you concentrate on the groove!

Why Should I Choose Spector NS?

  • Huge range of finish, strong and range options
  • Stunning build quality throughout
  • Top level hardware and electronics
  • Comfortable, iconic Spector NS body shape

Frequently Asked Questions about Spector NS

Question: What is Spector NS?
The Spector NS is Spector's classic signature design with its compact profile and curved shape to conform to your body, giving you an exceptionally comfortable playing experience, leaving you to concentrate on the groove!
Question: Is a Spector NS guitar worth it?
Yes, absolutely! Spector NS basses are built in a range of formats, finishes and string ranges, all to Spector's stunning level of quality and performance.