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Universal Audio Audio Interfaces

Universal Audio audio interfaces are some of the most highly regarded on the market, featuring studio quality preamps, a high build quality with dedicated software integration and on board DSP processing which runs the UA plugins directly on the interface to lighten the load on your computer's CPU.

Universal Audio interfaces give you the ability to run the world class UA plugins directly after the preamp and print the effect to your recording, this is particularly helpful when using channel strip and guitar amp emulation, or when EQing and compressing a vocal microphone for recording, there are many useful applications for this process. UA plugins are also able to be used as an insert within your DAW in the same way as you would use any other FX plugin, again running directly on the audio interface to alleviate your computers CPU. The plugins themselves are some of the best on the market and used in many professional recording studios and thanks to the DSP processing makes them an indespensible asset to your music production setup.

Whether it's a USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt interface you're looking for, guitarguitar have the right Universal Audio interface one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Universal Audio Audio Interfaces

Question: Which is the best Universal Audio interface for a portable setup.
The Arrow is a perfect portable solution for Thunderbolt 3 compatible computers, it is also the smallest of all of the Universal Audio interfaces. Those looking for a USB or Thunderbolt 2 interface would be looking for an Apollo Twin interface, these also have the option of including more Core processors, which are great when using the interface for mixing and other parts of your production.
Question: What kind of plugins does Universal Audio make?
UA excel at accurately replicating iconic pieces of equipment, this can be standard studio components like channel strips (from studio mixing desks), compressors, equalisers, reverbs and tape machines, and useful studio tools like guitar amp emulation, harmonisers and other modulation effects.
Question: What is Thunderbolt?
Thunderbolt is a computer interface port similar to USB, only much faster. Thunderbolt is available in two popular formats: Thunderbolt 2 is a common feature on older Apple computers and is also available on some desktop Windows computers, and Thunderbolt 3, which is the standard port on new Apple computers and uses a smaller sized port compared to the previous generation. Thunderbolt 3 may look identical to USB-C, but you can only use Thunderbolt 3 with compatible ports, you can spot a Thunderbolt 3 port by it having a little lightening bolt printed above the port.