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About Apollo X

The Apollo X series audio interfaces by Universal Audio are an industry-standard in studios around the world. These Thunderbolt-3 interfaces boast quality at every level, from the preamps and processors, right down to the very design of each interface. The Apollo X feature a simple yet efficient composition that could only be created by experienced engineers.

Each Apollo X runs via Universal Audio's Console software, through Console you can route and patch inputs and outputs, headphone mixes and auxiliary busses, as well chain multiple Apollo X interfaces together to cater for live sessions. It is through the Console software where you can take control of your Apollo X's processing power. Each Apollo X is capable of running Universal Audio's now iconic UAD plugins, and these can be applied through Console at the insert stage.

There is a huge range of UAD plugins available, many of which are breathtaking recreations of classic studio equipment. Everything from channel strips and gain stages, to delays, guitar amps, compressors and EQ's, old and new, have been taken from top studios and analysed down to the individual component, giving you the most realistic virtual recreation possible. It's like having access to the very best studio equipment from every point in time over the last 70 years.

Universal Audio have been innovating studio equipment since the 1950s and Apollo X combines decades worth of experience to give you the best possible sound with the best possible recording experience.

Why Should I Choose an Apollo X?

  • Studio quality preamps
  • Huge industry-standard UAD plugin library available
  • Universal Audio's free Luna software for Mac offers even deeper UAD integration
  • Chain multiple Apollo X racks for huge multitrack options

Frequently Asked Questions about Apollo X

Question: What is the Apollo X?
Apollo X is Universal Audio's state of the art audio interfaces for Thunderbolt 3 compatible computers.
Question: Is an Apollo X Considered High End?
Yes, everyone from record producers, to mix and mastering engineers rely on Apollo X for its high-end sound.
Question: Is Apollo X used for television and film production?
Because of its clean preamps, low latency and impressive processing power, Apollo X is now standard in film, television and radio editing suites.