Squier Affinity Jazz Bass

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About Squier Affinity Jazz Bass

The Squier Affinity Jazz Bass is an affordable bass guitar that is perfect for beginners.

The Jazz Bass is an old Fender design, first introduced in the early 1960s. It has since become one of the classic bass guitar designs. It is good for jazz, as its name suggests, but is more often played in rock, pop and funk bands. It is famous for having a slim, comfortable neck.

The Squier Affinity Jazz Bass is perfect for beginners as it is excellent value for money and easy to play. The ergonomic body design means it sits comfortably against your body. The slim neck means it is easy to press down the strings.

The Squier Affinity Jazz Bass is sold separately in a variety of colours and as part of a starter pack that includes an amplifier, bag and cable.

Why Choose the Squier Affinity Jazz Bass?

  • Comfortable body
  • Slim neck
  • Perfect for rock, pop and funk

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Affinity Jazz Bass

Question: Are Squier Affinity Jazz Basses good for beginners?
Squier Affinity Jazz Basses are built with beginners in mind. They are comfortable, affordable and versatile. They are suitable for all ages 12+. Remember that bass guitars are longer than electric guitars, so some younger children might find them a bit of a stretch.
Question: Where are Squier Affinity Jazz Basses made?
The Squier Affinity Jazz Bass is made in China.