Shure In-Ear Monitors

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About Shure In-Ear Monitors

Shure in-ear monitors are the industry standard for personal on-stage monitoring. With clear sound and a comfortable, secure fit, Shure earphones are very reliable. They will never interfere with your performance.

When looking to break into the world of wireless monitoring, you need to be sure that you're investing in a reliable system. You should never encounter any interference from other radio systems. These can be from sources such as taxi services, WIFI routers and security teams. Shure use decades of wireless systems experience to offer an exceptionally secure signal. This ensures that you're consistently hearing what you need throughout your performance.

Wireless systems offer the freedom to move around stage without the need for cables. There are no dead spots, and the audio is far clearer than blaring floor monitors. In addition, because there are no monitors on stage, the chance of feedback is severely reduced. Another great benefit of in-ear monitors is the ability to personally control the volume. This takes the health and security of your hearing out of another person's hands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shure In-Ear Monitors

Question: Do I have any control over the audio mix other than what's done on the desk?
Some Shure monitor systems, for example, the PSM300, feature MixMode® technology, which allows for 2 streams of audio to be sent to the receiver. This allows the user to mix between the two signals, making one louder or quieter. One good use of this process would be for instruments to be sent to one channel and the lead vocal to the other. This allows a singer to turn up their vocal if they need to hear more of it.
Question: How does a wireless monitor system get connected to a mixing desk?
Floor monitors are generally connected to an auxiliary or monitor output to provide that specific monitor with its own mix. In-ear monitor systems basically replace the floor monitor on that output. A mix is sent to the in-ears in exactly the same way as to a floor monitor.