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About Shure Headphones

Shure headphones are highly regarded for their excellent quality sound and construction. Utilizing almost 100 years of experience, the headphones Shure manufactures for specific uses are some of the best in their class. Looking for closed or open back headphones for studio use? DJ headphones? In-ear monitors and earphones for live use? Shure ensures you're getting a reliable product that's designed specifically for your needs.

Shure studio headphones are available in both open and closed back models. Each of these features impeccable sound quality and a wide frequency response. This makes them perfect for studio use, regardless of the style of music being made.

Shure in-ear headphones offer great sound isolation without any compromise of sound quality. They are available alone or as a whole wireless system with transmitter and receiver included. These wireless systems offer the freedom to move around stage without the need for cables. They also eliminate dead spots and create a far clearer sound than floor monitors.

Shure DJ headphones boast excellent sound isolation, and an extra long cable for freedom of movement in the DJ booth. 90-degree swivel ear cups provide comfort and easy one-ear placement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shure Headphones

Question: Can I use any Shure headphones for general music listening?
Absolutely, while they do have their intended uses, they are all great for listening to recorded music.
Question: What's the difference between closed back and open back headphones?
Closed back headphones are great for monitoring and feature total isolation of sound. There is minimal leakage into the headphones. This allows you to hear yourself with minimal spillage to prevent microphones picking up what you're monitoring. Open-backed headphones, on the other hand, let more sound in and out but in turn, give your audio more room to 'breathe'. This provides a truer representation of sound, which is an advantage when mixing audio.
Question: Are wireless in-ears better than floor monitors?
Wireless in-ear systems are generally regarded as desirable for many reasons. There are no dead spots and you get your own mix anywhere on stage. Another advantage of in-ear monitors is consistent sound. As you move from venue to venue, the sound quality is the same. You also have more control over the volume, with the ability to bring it down to a safer level. Yet another advantage of using in-ear monitors is that they heavily reduce the chance of feedback on stage.