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About DJ Headphones

No Pro DJ is seen without their set of DJ Headphones. These headphones offer excellent sound isolation and great bass response. They can withstand higher playback volume and feature flexible construction for one-ear listening and an extra long cable.

Frequently Asked Questions about DJ Headphones

Question: Is there a difference between DJ headphones and regular headphones?
There are some key features present on most DJ headphones which makes them effective for use in the club environment. They offer increased sound isolation which is crucial for cueing mixes, a process which is also helped by the headphones' enhanced bass response. DJ headphones are also designed to be flexible for swivelling, allowing the DJ to comfortably use just one of the headphone cans whilst cueing. This allows them to cue their next mix whilst being aware of their surroundings at the same time. The final important feature of your standard DJ headphone is the extra long cable, which allows freedom of movement without ripping the mixer off of the table.