DJ Headphones

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About DJ Headphones

DJ Headphones are an essential part of any serious DJ setup. They have been designed with a DJ's workflow in mind and provide excellent bass reponse. Most feature longer cables or even Bluetooth for a tangle free performance. Another important part of DJ Headphones is their excellent sound isolation, which is certainly needed in a loud club environment. Many DJ Studio Headphones feature flexible construction for one-ear listening; a must-have for serious mixers! With brands such as Sennheiser and Korg producing industry leading DJ Headphones, it is worth investing in a good pair as they will serve you well.

Why Should I Choose DJ Headphones?

  • Cue mixes and beat-match without your audience hearing
  • DJ Studio Headphones are great low-end audio reproduction
  • Long cable gives you the freedom to move in the DJ booth
  • Investing in a pair of high quality headphones for DJing will serve you well

Frequently Asked Questions about DJ Headphones

Question: Are in-ear monitors good for DJing?
Specially designed DJ headphones are a better choice than in-ear monitors for DJing, as they easily allow single ear listening for cueing, which is an essential part of DJing.
Question: What headphones do DJs use?
The majority of DJs use headphones that have been specifically designed for that purpose, such as the Sennheiser HD 25. Headphones such as these have many features that you won't find on regular headphones.
Question: What's the difference between DJ headphones and regular headphones?
The difference between DJ headphones and regular headphones is in the design and performance. DJ headphones tend to have excellent sound isolation and allow for easy single ear listening. The cables are also usually longer, to allow for a smooth performance.
Question: Are DJ headphones good for recording?
DJ headphones can be good for recording DJ sets but when it comes to recording music, we would recommend looking at Studio Headphones instead.
Question: Can I use DJ headphones for mixing?
DJ headphones are a great choice for DJ mixing such as song cueing, as they have been designed for this purpose. If you are looking for headphones for mixing a regular multitrack recording, then Studio Headphones may be a better option.