In Ear Monitors

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About In Ear Monitors

Perfect for stage use, In Ear Monitors provide a secure fit and offer optimum isolation from ambient sound, consistent clarity with an increased dynamic range and reduced possibility of feedback. When used as part of a complete wireless monitoring system they offer freedom of movement and guarantee that the sound you hear doesn't change as you move around the stage.


Why Should I Choose In-Ear Monitors?

  • Hear yourself clearly on stage
  • Monitor click tracks and cues without your audience hearing them
  • They let you monitor at lower volumes to prevent ear fatigue or damage

Frequently Asked Questions about In Ear Monitors

Question: Can I also use the headphones with my iPod/iPad?
Absolutely, the TRS jacks present on In Ear Monitor headphones are the same as most other 'minijack' headphones. Not only are they compatible with your iPod, iPad and home computer, but they would be an excellent upgrade to your standard earbuds.
Question: I'm a drummer using a click track, do I need a wireless monitor system?
Wireless systems are great if you're moving around on stage, but in the case of a drummer, who in most cases is static and seated, it may be more efficient to use a set of wired In Ear Monitors and a headphone pre-amp.
Question: Are In Ear Monitors bad for your hearing?
If used responsibly, In Ear Monitors are much safer for your ears than regular stage monitoring.
Question: Are In Ear Monitor systems stereo or mono?
Virtually all In Ear Monitor systems are capable of transmitting both stereo and mono, and in the case of Shure's PSM300 systems, which offer you their MixMode® technology, you can mix two streams of audio from the bodypack. This is particularly useful for vocalists, where their vocals can go on one channel, and the rest of the band on the other. If they feel they need to hear more vocals, they can simply dial in more by using the controls.