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About In Ear Monitors

In Ear Monitors are the perfect solution to achieving a controlled, accurate and consistent sound. Seen as the industry standard for professional performers, the discrete and comfortable design of In Ear Monitors ensures that they can be worn for long periods of time. They provide excellent sound isolation and are often used with a wireless kit for full freedom when used on stage. In Ear Monitors basically give you your own personal monitoring system, which is why they are the preferred choice of nearly all pro musicians and singers.

Why Should I Choose In-Ear Monitors?

  • Hear yourself clearly on stage
  • Monitor click tracks and cues without your audience hearing them
  • They let you monitor at lower volumes to prevent ear fatigue or damage

Frequently Asked Questions about In Ear Monitors

Question: How does in-ear monitoring work?
In-ear monitoring works in a live setting by using a wireless system to send a mix to the earphones. This allows performers to freely move around the stage while being able to hear a clear and consistent mix of the performance.
Question: Can you hear yourself with in-ear monitors?
You can hear yourself with in-ear monitors in a very controlled way. Rather than having to deal with any stage monitor issues such as sound bleed or feedback, a personalised mix through in-ear monitors can deliver the correct amount of your own voice or instrument.
Question: Do in-ear monitors sound good?
Yes, in-ear monitors sound very good as they are professional-level audio products. They have been designed to produce clear audio while also offering excellent isolation.
Question: Why do singers use in-ear monitors?
Singers use in-ear monitors as they give a very accurate sound. This can also be adjusted from the mix to deliver the correct level of balance between instruments and vocals which is preferable for singers.
Question: Can you use in-ear monitors to listen to music?
Yes, you can use in-ear monitors to listen to music as most have a TRS jack, making it possible to use them with most audio devices. They are also a great sound quality upgrade from standard earphones.