Fender American Professional Stratocaster

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About Fender American Professional Stratocaster

The Fender American Professional Stratocaster replaces the American Standard Series model as Fender's flagship USA model. It is the benchmark for a US-made Fender Stratocaster and as such enjoys various upgrades over the previous series Strat including new V-Mod pickups, a freshly redesigned 'Deep C' neck carve and a handy treble bleed circuit that keeps the top end of your sound intact as you reduce the volume on your guitar.

Th American Professional Stratocaster is available in a range of both classic and new colours including Olympic White, Sienna Sunburst, Antique Olive and Sonic Gray which can be found in any guitarguitar store. Remember, as one of the biggest authorised UK Fender dealers, we have the best selection of Fender American Pro Strats in the country!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Professional Stratocaster

Yes, definitely! You are, in fact, the perfect person for this series. You want a professional grade instrument with great player-friendly features and high quality USA construction and finishing. We recommend checking out both the American Professional Stratocaster and the HSS model. That extra power from the bridge humbucker makes for an arguably more versatile instrument. The American Elite series is definitely worth A/B'ing if you want more context and options.
Yes, it has. The Fender American Professional Stratocaster has replaced the American Standard Strat and offers a handful of intelligent updates to make it a mouthwatering proposition. Brand new pickups, a fresh neck carve and bright new finishes - both classic and contemporary - are just a few of these new upgrades.
Indeed , the HH Shawbucker Strat is armed with two Shawbuckers and a five way blade. Here are the 5 options: full bridge pickup, inside coils of both pickups, full both pickups, outer coils of both pickups, full neck pickup.
The best selling finish is the classic 3 Tone Sunburst with a maple fingerboard, followed closely by the Olympic White model.