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About Fender Acoustasonic

The Fender Acoustasonic series is a collection of innovative and high quality American made acoustic-electric guitars. Keeping with the revolutionary ethos of the company, these are unique designs that have opened up a world of possibilities. As always with Fender, at the heart of any new innovation they have the player in mind. Part of the reason these guitars have been created is to harness an extra level of creativity and performance. They encourage players to experiment with sounds and styles they may not usually find themselves using. The result is an incredible enjoyable playing experience.

There are currently 2 models available in the series; the Acoustasonic Telecaster and the Acoustasonic Stratocaster . Both take the traditional body shape that we all know and love and offer unparalleled levels of tonal options. First and foremost, they are well made and great sounding acoustic instruments. The usual high quality of craft you would associate with an American Fender is present in abundance. The natural sound of the instruments is powerful and ideal for anyone playing at home, in a writing group, live or in the studio.

The Acoustic Engine is what really sets this range apart and gives it a personality unlike any other. Designed by Fender and Fishman, it provides the player with an impressive collection of voices covering both electric and acoustic tones. A number of pickups are present to accurately capture all the nuances of the player. These are instruments that really need to be heard to be believed.

Why Should I Choose Fender Acoustasonic?

  • A unique series building on Fender's rich legacy of innovative instruments
  • Incredibly versatile in terms of sounds and applications
  • Excellent construction and materials

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Acoustasonic

Simple put, it is both. The hollow body allows the guitar to sing with a full and organic sound. The combination of several pickups and the Acoustic Engine offer a wide variety of electric sounds that cover a whole range of styles.
They are ideal for the professional musician looking for an instrument that will excel in a number of different situations. The fact that there are so many tonal options available make them the perfect solution for many styles and they can easily change to these are the flick of a switch of turn of a knob.
That is really down to personal preference. Some people prefer the look and feel of a Stratocaster body while others are die hard Telecaster fans. At heart of both instruments are the forward thinking Acoustasonic features so no matter which you choose, the end result will be an incredibly impressive instrument.