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About the Fender Vintera Series

The Fender Vintera Series is a range of vintage-inspired guitars and basses. The collection recreates some of Fender's most coveted eras of production.

These new models are more authentic sounding and looking than ever, using Tim Shaw Pickups to really nail each decade's iconic tones.

All of the brand's classic designs are available including Stratocasters, Telecasters and the humble P Bass! Changes such as redesigned neck profiles add to their vintage feel. With loads of new colours to choose from, this is a seriously impressive selection.

The Fender Vintera Series Steps in to replace Fender's Classic, Classic Player and Road Worn collections.

What Makes the Fender Vintera Series Different?

  • Models are available in decade-specific versions with features from the relevant era
  • All models feature a wide range of era-specific finishes
  • Modified models base their design on a classic model but offer modern player specifications
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Vintera Series

    The Vintera series pick up where Fender's Classic line left off, giving players an era-specific guitar with modern build quality. However, the Vintera series feature Tim Shaw Pickups to provide an even more accurate recreation of the eras sound. The models also feature reshaped necks, giving players an even more authentic feel. This range is even closer to the decades they were designed to emulate. The biggest change is the addition of modified options which bring contemporary appointments to their designs, such as more modern neck shapes and hot-wound pickups. These take Fender's timeless designs and make them more relevant to today's players.
    This range of guitars is built in Fender's Mexican factory. With high-quality parts and an exceptional build standard, they provide an affordable alternative to Fender's American made models.