Fender Vintera Telecaster

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About Fender Vintera Telecaster

The Fender Vintera Telecaster is a true guitarist’s guitar. It is both a celebration of iconic telecaster models of bygone years and a robust, roadworthy workhorse.
Vintera is a portmanteau of ‘Vintage Era’. But the Vintera Tele wears this influence lightly, with Daphne Blues and Sea Foam Greens prioritised over Butterscotch Blonde and Sunburst. Although they have period-correct specs - such as a 7.25” radius and small fret wire - these guitars do not feel purely the preserve of historians. Instead, they are fun, playable guitars designed to inspire at home and be thrown around at gigs.
The Vintera Telecaster also has a ‘Modified’ sub-category. These guitars have all the aesthetic trappings of a vintage Tele, but with some subtle modern touches. They have slimmer necks, a flatter 9.5” radius, and bigger medium-jumbo frets. This makes them much easier to play than the traditional spec. They also have a 4-way pickup selector and an ‘S1’ switch. This enables different pickup combinations including a powerful humbucker sound.
There are also Road-Worn models. These feature a thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish that has been lightly relic’d - usually not seen outside of the Fender Custom Shop!
Our Fender Vintera Telecaster guitars come included with a guitar bag.

What Makes the Fender Vintera Telecaster Different?

  • Classic Telecaster looks
  • Robust build quality - perfect for the stage
  • Available with modern details in the ‘Modified’ range

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Vintera Telecaster

Question: Are Vintera Telecasters made in the United States?
No, Vintera Telecasters are made in Mexico. Apart from certain Signature models, the Vintera Series is the top range of Mexican-made Fender guitars. The standard is not a million miles away from that of the American factory.
Question: Which Vintera Telecaster is right for me?
Understanding the development of the Telecaster through the decades is easiest by thinking about the development of music through the decades. In the 50s, jazz, country and rockabilly were the most popular genres. In the 60s, things started to get louder with blues rock dominating the airwaves. Classic rock turned into hard rock by the 70s with guitarists seeking more and more overdrive and distortion. Telecasters changed to suit the market. 50s Telecasters have that trademark twang; 60s Telecasters have more growl; and 70s Telecasters - with their humbuckers - have more bark.