Fender Vintera Road Worn

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About Fender Vintera Road Worn

Fender Vintera Road Worn guitars boast oodles of vintage charm but without vintage prices! The series features 50s and 60s Strats, 50s Teles and 70s Tele Deluxe. There is also a bass in the range with a nod to the 60th Anniversary of the Jazz Bass which is available in three colours.
These instruments feature a nitrocellulose lacquer finish which has been distressed to give a ‘relic’d’ or ‘road worn’ finish. This is usually only available from the Fender Custom Shop! The guitars from the Custom Shop demand a certain reverence. Vintera Road Worn models, however, are true guitarist’s guitars. Yes, they are a celebration of bygone years, but more than that they are fun, playable guitars designed to inspire at home and be thrown around at gigs.
Vintera is a portmanteau of ‘Vintage Era’ and they do have the period-correct features you’d expect such as 7.25” radius, small fret wire on the 50s and 60s guitars. These instruments have bags of mojo thanks to their accurate vintage-voiced pickups.
Our Fender Vintera Road Worn guitars come included with a guitar bag.

Why Choose a Fender Vintera Road Worn?

  • Bags of old-school character
  • Classic tones
  • Affordable relic guitars

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Vintera Road Worn

Question: What is Fender Road Worn?
Road Worn finishes on Fender guitars are distressed to recreate the feel and look of original Fender guitars that have been battered for the last 60 years! The Vintera Series (meaning Vintage Era) aims to offer some of that vintage mojo at an accessible price point.
Question: Are Fender Vintera Road Worn guitars made in the United States?
Fender Vintera Road Worn guitars are made in Mexico. They are the top-of-the-range Mexican model.